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Oimmei Digital Consulting Livorno

Product Design

Consultancy & Strategy

Mobile App Development

Web Development

Website creation

Digital Marketing

Let's build success together

Product design is our mission, through designing and meticulously defining our work plan we manage to tap into its full potential.

Planning is the first weapon we need to build a successful product. The starting point is a high level vision, from which we will gradually define in detail every single aspect of it, going from planning the work to monitoring the progress of the project.

Product Design
Servizi Oimmei Digital Consulting Livorno
Servizi Oimmei Digital Consulting Livorno
Consultancy and Strategy
Servizi Oimmei Digital Consulting Livorno

Specialized consultancy

We provide specialized consultancy and paths of assisted design and growth because the first step to success is good planning and an excellent strategy.

Choosing the right technology and tools to make your digital project come true is vital for its success. Having a clear idea of what you’re doing, what your measurable goals are, what tools and processes to acquire, is the only way to have your product/service succeed.

Native Mobile App Development

Meet the users on their favorite devices and reach your business goals with an app tailored to your project.

We are specialized in the development of mobile native apps for smartphones, tablets, smart tvs and wearables.

We develop iOs, Android and Huawei Apps.

Sviluppo App Livorno
Servizi Oimmei Digital Consulting Livorno
Servizi Oimmei Digital Consulting Livorno
Sviluppo Web Livorno
Servizi Oimmei Digital Consulting Livorno

Custom Software Development

We create applications, web services, platforms and databases, cms, e-commerce solutions.

We also create plugins and extensions for your software, integrations and connectors for every need.

We approach our clients with the goal of establishing apartnership which is why we have many satisfied customers. Development is tailored on real needs and we focus on concrete indicators to measure the success of the project.

Website Creation

Other than the complexity of creating well-performing websites, which converge and remain stable over time, there is also the complexity of choosing the right tool, a fundamental part of our job.

Starting from a digital analysis we can identify the right tool to meet your business goals, so we will be able to use the most suitable tool.

Depending on the goal, we can create e-commerce websites, institutional websites, web portals, websites for public administrations, landing pages for the launch of a new product of service.

Website Creation Livorno
Servizi Oimmei Digital Consulting Livorno
Servizi Oimmei Digital Consulting Livorno
Digital Marketing Livorno
Servizi Oimmei Digital Consulting Livorno

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing should also be considered in corporate strategy, as it generates concrete growth, it’s the most direct way to get in contact with your clients and it gives you concrete data to work with.

The tools you can choose to implement your digital marketing strategy depend on some preliminary analysis, such as that of the business sector, of the product or service, of the goals and of the target. Only after this analysis we can identify which tools, strategies and channels to include in our plan.


Reliable partners

We are not just service providers, we are above all project partners.

Industry professionals

We put 20 years of experience in the ICT sector at your disposal.

TOP quality services

Very high quality of services thanks to our experience and exceptional team.

Customized Agile Method

We use the Agile method for a reduced time-to-market.


Fuel for your ideas

“Ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.”

Derek Sivers

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Oimmei answers

Discover some of the most frequent questions

I don't have a clear idea, can you help me?

Of course, our company is able to support the development of your projects at 360 degrees. We offer all our technological support and our know-how so that we can start with clear ideas and a well established roadmap, in order to obtain the optimal desired result.

For more information you can watch this video.

How much does developing an App cost?

The factors that influence the development costs of an App are many, it depends on the platform on which you want to develop it (iOS, Android, Huawei), on the type of device on which it will have to run (smartphone, tablet, wearable, smart TV), on if you want it to interact with a data exchange server or not, and obviously on the complexity of the App itself.

For these reasons it is necessary to carry out an in-depth technical and functional analysis before we can give a real estimate of the implementation costs.

For more insights, watch this video.

How much does developing a website cost?

To answer this question, the goal of the project must first be clear. In fact, the complexity of a website is greatly influenced by the goal you want to achieve, which in turn influences methods and tools. Obviously, a website with limited user interaction will generally be less complex than one with a more articulated customer experience.

Another activity that should not be overlooked is the creation of content such as texts, images and infographics, photographs, etc.

Other factors that influence costs are the services associated with the creation itself, such as the positioning of keywords on search engines, brand identity and the study of communication.

For more insights you can watch this video.

Can you also handle marketing?

Of course, this service is also part of our job. We curate projects from A to Z and thanks to our cross-professionalism we are able to offer a complete service that goes from the design to the management of communications and the development of a strategic promotional plan.

For more information you can watch this video.

How long will it take you to develop my project?

At the beginning of the project, in agreement with the client, we establish milestones and decide the deliverables that will be released at the agreed deadlines.

For more information you can watch this video.

Is it possible to develop faster than it was estimated?

No, it's not possible. At least in most cases. Sometimes it is possible to deploy more resources at higher costs, but everything must be well calculated so that the project will not end up having any weak spots.

For more information you can watch this video.


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