App B On Time Livorno

  • App B On Time Livorno
  • App B On Time Livorno
  • App B On Time Livorno

We have revolutionized the public transport app for the Province of Livorno.

We really hope that you enjoy it and that it can be useful for your daily travels. We are already thinking about improvements and new developments to make it even more exceptional! Obviously your feedback is welcome…and also your positive reviews on the stores 😛

The first public exit will be tomorrow, April 13, at the city of San Vincenzo, at 12 o’clock. The event will be opened by Alessandro Bandini, Mayor of San Vincenzo.

You are all invited!

Be On Time is the app for the consultation of the local public transport  schedules of the Province of Livorno (Livorno, Piombino, Cecina, Rosignano, Portoferraio, Elba, Capraia, Val di Cornia) carried out by CTT nord (ex ATL) and Tiemme (ex ATM) companies.

With B On Time is possible, in addition to consulting timetables and lines, looking for nearest shops or purchase the travel tickets, plan travels with the travel planner, receive real time information on the service, receive personalized information through the use of beacons at the stop or on the bus.


  • SCHEDULE: ability to check timetables at individual stops as programmed
  • REAL TIME: you can receive directly in the App the information regarding next steps in real time to the single stop
  • LINES PLAN: you can view the list of lines and detail of every single line of public transportation.
  • TRAVEL PLANNER: ability to schedule the travels through the function of travel planner “from – to” already integrated.
  • STOPS: research and view of nearest stops.
  • TRANSPORT TICKETS: purchase your travel tickets for all the routes supported by the platform  via the sms system integrated
  • ALERTS: access to local public transport operators alerts.


Download it now by this link:


bontime schermate

Oimmei supporting Muzeums at MuseumNext

  • Oimmei supporting Muzeums at MuseumNext
  • Oimmei supporting Muzeums at MuseumNext
  • Oimmei supporting Muzeums at MuseumNext

New York, Nov. 14-16 2016

Being part of such a big project like Muzeums need us to tour around the world promoting it, helping it grow. Unlike in 2015, when we were in London for the TechCrunch Disrupt, this time was New York, attending one the biggest conference for museums, aiming to shape the future of museums in the next year.

Muzeums was one of the key sponsors of MuseumNext NY, one of the 2 conference of 2016, following the one in Dublin, before moving to Sydney on Feb. 2017. The New York venue was spectacular, right in the heart of Manhattan, in Tribeca at the BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College). We were eyesight from the World Trace Center and the new Freedom Tower on one side, and the piers for Liberty Island on the other side, right in the middle of one of the most thriving part of Manhattan.

At the conference we had the onor to speak during one of the panels, and show our product for the first time outside Europe. The response was awesome, a lot of people told us that our product could really change the way people interact with museums and at the same time help small museums gain access to technologies only available to big partners until today. We’re looking forward to spread our products on the US museums in 2017, and our main goal is that on your next vacation you can have a Muzeums experience while visiting your next museum!

Internet Day Livorno

oimmei internet day livorno evento

It’s been exactly 39 years since that April 30th 1986, when Italy took his part into the history of Internet. A signal took off from the CNR in Pisa, thanks to the effort of Stefano Trumpy, a young researcher, arriving in Pennsylvania. By that time no one really understood the implications of that experiment, but that’s how everything started.

It’s really important to Understand where it all began and at the same time it helps us shape the future of what’s ahead. On April 29th in Livorno, our home city, took place the Internet Day Livorno, an event to celebrate the beginning of Internet, to draw a line on the present and to trying to imagine the future.
We as Oimmei have been pleased to speak at the conference.

Speaking for us was Simone FigliĂŠ, Lead iOS Developer at Oimmei, our talk obviously was about Mobile, particularly regarding Apps, whose story is naturally more recent than Internet but as compelling as its. After a brief introduction about mobile devices history, we spoke about the concept of App as we know it today and how it all started. We dwell into how App are distributed, how people generally tend to use them and of course a glimpse of what’s in hold for the future specifically regarding the convergence of Apps in many aspects of our lives in and out of homes.

If you like to dig deeper you can download our presentation here: There’s an App for that. How Internet changed with the coming of smartphones.


Oimmei & Muzeums Live @TechCrunch Disrupt

techcrunch london muzeums

We Are Oimmei!

oimmei team agency


Who are we?
Oimmei! It’s pronounced O-I-M-M-E-I [Ă´immèi]

How long have you been on the market?
Officially we are a company from less than a year, after various personal experiences in other companies and as freelancers.

What do we do?
Mostly we develop Apps and Mobile Solutions, Web Applications and Web Sites. We’re constantly looking for new partners and exciting projects, projects that can help us became better, expand our networks, face new challenges and develop innovative solutions.

Why in Italy?
Work in Italy it’s not easy. Decide to basecamp in Livorno it’s a challenge. But our roots are here, and it’s the only place where Oimmei could have born.

Why do you like your job?
Because we play instead of work! Each day we face new kind of technologies, and every new thing it’s a motivation to discover new technological frontiers: sometimes the game can be hard, challenging, with difficult rules, but in the end what’s left is the pleasure of doing something with a lot of meaning for ourselves and other people.

How much does it cost to make an App, a Project?
This is the most frequent question, and the sole answer is: it depends! There are some many aspects that’s impossible to determine a general price. Each project has the basic principle, it has to be studied deeply, it’s hurdles, it’s winning points as well as the loose ones, and only after this process we could give an estimate. For example an App could cost 2.000€ as well as 30.000€, it much depends on the quality of the final product, the possible interactions inside the App like Social Networks or similar, if it has to integrate with a website, the number of languages and many other aspects.

What are the key points of a successful product?
Think big, but start small. The main risk is to want to develop everything at once, have a great idea and thinking about develop all the aspects in the first release could be very dangerous, you could risk to waste a lot of energy and don’t achieve the goal. One other aspect is making a good planning, a key aspect for the success of every kind of project from the smallest one to the next Facebook rival. Plan from the start and knowing from the beginning each aspect of an App and how it could evolve in time is the key for avoiding face unexpected hurdles or slow bumps during the development. Our motto is plan first, then get dirty in the code.

What’s the project that you liked the most, and why?
It’s not easy to answer that! Each one of them has been important and teach us something, for example it meant a lot to us finding good partners in Livorno like Inlinea Spa that asked us to develop the App AsteGiudiziarie, a service to showcase auctions, but on the other end it’s vital for us to look outside Italy, first partecipati at the contest Apps4Europe in Manchester where we showed our innovative solution for tourism, combining OpenData and  iBeacon technology, Europeana Beacon, and after that Muzeums, an amazing London Startup who aims to revolutionise the way people will visit a museum in the near future. Last but not least we’re focusing on in house projects, coming solely from our passion, like the App Park And Share, where you can share with family and close friends the exact location of your last parking, or the web portal Oggi A Teatro, a site dedicated to the theatres and acting companies in our city Livorno, that we wanted to be a gift to our city.

We Are Europeana: Oimmei and Muzeums at the Europeana Network Association AGM 2015

oimmei muzeums europeana network associations agm

On 3 and 4th of November Oimmei has been invited to partecipate at the annual meeting of Europeana Members, a two days event where organisations and influential people from all over the world gathered to discuss and plan what will be the future of cultural heritage in the next years.
We were indeed very pleased to be invited as well, as members of the Europeana Network for our efforts in projects like Europeana Beacons and the latest Muzeums, that are aiming to transforms the way people will interact with monuments and experience a visit to a museum.

We are Europeana has been the motto of the whole convention, because indeed all the people there participating have the ability to shape the way people will perceive culture in the coming years, with their ideas or their projects, some of them bolder that others. The highlight of the event has surely been the “fly your europeana dream” moment, where all the attendees had wrote on paper planes ideas and let them flew over the auditorium for been collected and reviewed later by the Europeana Commission.

Following that there’s been a private evening at the prestigious Rijksmuseum, where we were able to attend a close visit to the Gallery of Honour, something like a Night at The Museum movie!
We alongside our friend and CEO of Muzeums, David Pond, had the change to unveil for the first time our new project Muzeums, and we had such a tremendous response by the people, from academics to museum curators, that give us the boost to go even further and planning bold moves for the new few weeks.
You’ll surely find us at the London TechCrunch Disrupt on December 7th and 8th in London, we’ll be waiting for you.


AGM 2015 – Fly your Europeana dream from Europeana on Vimeo.

Oimmei is going to Muzeums

techcrunch london muzeums

Hi everyone! We’re thrilled to announce that we’re going to be part of an exciting new adventure. Oimmei will be part of a new startup called Muzeums, with only one goal in mind: redefining the way people experience a normal visit in a museum.

Here’s a short summary of what Muzeums will be:

“Muzeums is an app and platform for museums that help museum visitors get a unique individual experience based on their personal interests and learning style. It does that by dynamically rearranging tagged, location based & experiential content. In other words, when you use Muzeums, the app will create, on the spot, an experience that is tailored specifically for you,­ with the content that you’re interested in, and even delivered in a way you’d prefer, be it a media tour guide or a real-­time interactive social game.”

We’ve been contacted few months ago by David Lachmish, CEO and founder of Muzeums, because he needed talented people that could bring his vision into mobile Apps, and we couldn’t have been more pleased to embark in it.

Recently Muzeums has been accepted in the prestigious Seedrs platform, a crowdfunding platform where you can fund startups and receive equity shares, it’s the most important crowdfunding platform in UK. If you’d like to be part of this project too, you can still grab a little piece of Muzeums yourself, otherwise we’ll be excited for you to try our platform on your next museum visit.

Muzeums Seedrs Campaign

Park And Share finally available!

Park and Share app ios

The first App to REALLY share with friends and family where you parked the car!
Park, get Directions to the Car, set a Park Meter, Share the parking position with anyone you like!

We’ve been developing this idea in house for a long time, and now we’re proud to announce that our latest App is finally ready and shipped!

Park And Share comes from a basic idea and a simple need, either when you share your family car with your significants others or with your roommates and you need some help answering this very question:

“Hey, where did you park the car last time?”


With Park And Share you can instantly share your last park location with family and friends, and they’ll receive it on their phones just like as they’ve parked themselves! Plus, when anybody takes the car and remove the parking all the others will be instantly informed too, letting them know that the car is not there anymore.

Of course Park And Share has all the other commodities you can find in other parking Apps, like the ability to set a Park Meter time and be reminded before it runs out, or guiding you back to where you parked from your current location. All of this in new, easy, and fun way.

4.7-inch (iPhone 6) - Screenshot 14.7-inch (iPhone 6) - Screenshot 34.7-inch (iPhone 6) - Screenshot 44.7-inch (iPhone 6) - Screenshot 5








Here’s a brief note about Park And Share, as you would find on the iTunes Store page:
Use the GPS to get the most accurate position or manually search for the address.

Login with Facebook, add friends and family members to your favorites list and with a simple touch send your last parking position up to 6 of them. Each one of them will instantly recive the position on their App, and all of you will get notified when someone takes the car.

Receive walking directions to quickly get back to your car.

The Promo Video:

Park And Share it’s available today for iOS and we’ll be available soon on Android too!

Go to the website parkandshareapp.com
Go get it now on AppStore.

Oimmei and a little bit of Livorno in the land of the Rising Sun!

oimmei giappone evento

Breaking news!

Oimmei comes to Japan! The National Diet Library (the Japan government official library, and the only one national library in the country) on  the May issue of it’s official magazine will be publishing an article about Europeana Beacon, the App we bring to Manchester at the FutureEverything Conference.

In the article it will be explained in detail our project and how you can better use the Open Data. Our prototype is based on our own city, Livorno, so it’s fair to say that a little piece of Livorno will be shown in the sushi’s and sashimi’s land!

Stay tuned for more info!

Link: National Diet Library

Future Everything 2015, the diary

Europeana app mobile ios

We came back from the Future Everything in Manchester where we had the pleasure to meet so many extraordinary people. We couldn’t manage to win the first prize, but getting to know Enric Senabre Hidalgo (CEO di Goteo), who decided to choose our project as a crowdfunding case study for the workshop, it’s been great! All started Thursday morning, when we first met our “enemies” like Lars the dutch giant, who undoubtly has been the most easy going with a lot of passion for talking! Then, as soon as we arrived in a great co working space (SpaceportX) we took a micro workshop about how to successfuly start a crowdfunding campaign, during which we worked closely with Milena Popova from Europeana and after about 40 minutes of brain storming we presented our project for the first time in front of an international audience.

That afternoon, as soon as we arrived at the Town Hall, we’ve met Enric: he was already familiar with our project, we started to describe it in detail and then he decided to use the Europeana Beacon as an example for starting a crowdfunding campaign! It’s been quite a brain storming and many of the partecipants fall in love with the project. The day ended with new friendship, new ideas and a new vision for it!

“Good Morning. We’re the guys from yesterday…” this has been our motto during the pitch brainstorming: no one had the slightest idea on how to make a pitch! In the end it has been very easy even if the tension was high but also the adrenaline that came at the very end before starting! After that a couple of hours of boring waiting: “Some journalists would want to interview you guys, they’ll be here shortly!”, “Five more minutes and they’ll be here!”, “Hi Guys, I’m from the press office, we’re almost ready for you.”, “Sorry Guys, the journalists had to go!” luckily we had the time to explore the event and had a chat with the other partecipants. Then it came the moment to meet the jury, a scheduled 20 minutes interview, that in the end lasted 35 minutes! Freedom at last!!!

15 minutes of Hotel relax, then a nice walk towards the Royal Northern College of Music where the Awards Ceremony would took place. Just the time for a crafted beer at the Thiristy Scholar and then we jumped into the party! During the ceremony we were all excited, maybe we started to belive we could win, anyhow after had watched the pitches we knew from the start that the competition would be high: we particulary liked the french project of Plume Labs regarding the air quality in big cities, Allryder to plan the best course using public transportation and the project Bileit who aims to solve the last minute ticket purchase problem for events, maybe because one of us is also an artistic director for a local troupe. When finally they announced the winner, GoOV the project presented by Lars, we’ve been very happy! His project aimed to help people with mental disabilities or dementia to travel safely with public transport, we need to be honest initially it left us perplexed (jokingly we thought “a smartphone in the hand of a mental disable people could last like a cat on a freeway”), but after had talk to Lars who explained to us in the detail how it works and what it aims to accomplish we fell in love with it, mostly becuase of it’s social importance, for the extraordinary results they have already achived (84% of the test subjects switched completly to public transport instead of taxi), but most of all for the passion and love Lars had put in this project!

We came back home at last, with a great experience, new friendships like Lars, the girls that worked with us during the crowdfunding workshop: Hellen, Geraldine and Ina, that had won one of the awards for Europeana Creative, then Enric and Anne Marie from Goteo, and last but not least Milena and James from Europeana, who believe a lot in our project.
Back in Livorno we completed to moving to our new offices and since today we’re back in business with new and freash energies!

Europeana Beacon App

europeana beacon app ios smart tourism

Here we go! This is the new prototype for the Future Everything Festival in Manchester, thanks to Europeana and Apps4Europe for this opportunity.

Some words about the App:

Europeana Beacon combine the power of the Europeana Open Data with the latest cutting edge technology of iBeacons.
Users can walk around the city and have the phone alert them when something worthwhile is nearby, allowing people to discover new places in a new way. Users can read or listen comprensive guides about each landmark they discover, while watching pictures and videos. Engage other people in a scavenger hunt looking for the next clue, or follow the custom paths curators have tailored for them.
As a curator you can have all kind of statistics about how and often each landmark is visited.”

Link to the website

Apps4Europe Awards Winners – Europeana Beacon

apps for europe

Our last efforts were greatly paid back! Thank you to Hyperborea s.r.l. & Europeana and all who organized the #hack4pisa!

We recently participated the Hack4Pisa, a two-day hackathon in Pisa to show how creative re-use of cultural content can create social and economic value. In a few words, the contest wanted the participants to come out with ideas which take advantage of the huge Europeana database, through the public APIs.

The environment was very informal and friendly, Hyperborea Srl organized the event right into the  Polo Tecnologico of Navacchio . A perfect pressure-less atmosphere to be focused on the results. And the results came out quite good.

We were already studying, for our own R&D sake, iBeacon(r) technology when Matteo Lorenzini invited us to the Hackaton.

Honestly, in a few words, this is how it went:

Why don’t we just merge the two things togheter?

And so it came out. The hackaton main themes, Culture, Tourism and Gamification, and iBeacon technology would spouse perfectly for such a matter, indeed. So they did, through our Europeana Beacon App! Feel free to snoop around the App’s mini-site, we’re quite sure you will be mostly impressed!

See you in Manchester at Future Everything 2015

Europeana Beacon App Prototype

Simply on your smartphone, in your hands when you want it. Deeply discover the place you are visiting, whether it’s an indoor museum or an outdoor place, and why not the big exibition event you have been craving to go over the last year. Beacon technology will help you finding your way around, pinpointing all the most important landmarks which you don’t want to miss! A map in your hands, the magic of being alerted when you are right next to them. Media, contents, descriptions, audio and much more right when you need it

See in action here:

Some Press about us:
Startupper.it: http://bit.ly/Zkn93w
Polo Tencologico: http://bit.ly/1o58MMD
Apps4Europe: http://bit.ly/Zzj8c4
EconomyUp: http://bit.ly/1xCQ3YJ
Libero.it: http://bit.ly/1vg4rIu
Pisa Informa: http://bit.ly/1tkdesK

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