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Modigliani Livorno. All about Modigliani’s life and career

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In History, retrace the main stages of the life and career of Modigliani, between Livorno and Paris, myth and reality, and the evolution of his artistic career. You can consult these insights wherever you are, conveniently from your smartphone.

In the app Modigliani Livorno, if you want to know more about the artist before launching yourself in the research of places significant to Modigliani, tap on History. Here, divided in chapters, you can retrace the history of Amedeo Modigliani and his artistic career. It’s not just a simple recount, as we also thought of highlighting the most important moments of the life of the young livornese artist, the places where he lived and the ones that were crucial to his personal and artistic experience, and the fundamental episodes to understand who Modigliani was.
You will find many well-known informations, but maybe some that you didn’t know or more peculiar ones as well.
We will give some examples, without giving away too much or we will rob you of the joy of discovery!

The Garsin family was really cultured. His mother Eugenia and grandfather Isacco managed young Amedeo’s cultural education, in fact he was noticed thanks to his knowledge of literature and philosophy and his proficiency in the French language.

Modigliani had the chance to visit many locations: central-south Italy, Florence, Venice, Paris, the south of France. Each of these places contributed in creating a vast wealth of artistic models that was the origin of his unique style.

Modigliani did not love painting landscapes, which is why we have very few samples of landscape pieces from him: one from his time in art school and some during his last few years of life.

These are some of the curiosities and insights that you will find in the History chapters.
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