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We Are Oimmei!

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Who are we?
Oimmei! It’s pronounced O-I-M-M-E-I [ôimmèi]

How long have you been on the market?
We’ve officially been a company for less than a year, after gathering experience by working for other companies and then as freelancers.

What we do
Our activity focuses on the development of Apps and mobile solutions, portals and management software, as well as websites and communication. We are always looking for new partners and interesting projects to cultivate, projects that give us the opportunity to grow professionally, expand our network, face new challenges and implement innovative technological solutions.

Why Italy?
Working in Italy has never been easy. Choosing to be based in Livorno is a challenge. But that is where we are rooted and only here Oimmei could be born.

Why do you like your job?
Because instead of working, we play! Every day we are immersed in new technologies, and every novelty pushes us to discover new technological frontiers: the game can sometimes be hard, challenging, with complicated rules, but at the end of the day what remains is the satisfaction of creating value for others and for ourselves.

How much does developing an App or a project with you cost?
That is the most frequently asked question and the answer is: it depends! There are so many variables that come into play that it is impossible to simplify and answer with a flat figure.
The same principle applies to every project: we evaluate it thoroughly, its difficulties, its weaknesses and strengths, and only after a careful study can we give a rough estimate. For example, an App can cost 2,000 euros or 30,000 euros; some of the fundamental variables are the quality requested, the frameworks, the interactions within the App and with social networks, the integration with eventual websites, the languages used, just to name a few.

What are the ingredients of success in a project?
The first step is to think big but start small. In fact, the biggest risk is wanting to do everything at once: having an idea and thinking you can achieve it all in a second can be dangerous, as you end up wasting energy and getting meager results. The second step is good planning, fundamental for the success of any project, from the smallest one to a project that could rival Facebook. Designing and having a clear idea of the various aspects of the App from the start and of how it will evolve in the future is the key to avoiding unexpected obstacles or monstrous delays during the development process. Which is why our motto is to plan well and thoroughly before we start “getting our hands dirty” writing the code.

Which project did you like best and why?
That’s a hard question to answer! Every project is important and left us something, for example it was important to find good partners in Livorno like Inlinea Spa for which we created the app AsteGiudiziarie, a portal dedicated to judicial auctions, but it was also important to look outside, to other countries, first with the Apps4Europe contest in Manchester where we presented our innovative solution for tourism, which combines the use of OpenData and the new iBeacon technology, Europeana Beacon, and with Muzeums, an exciting startup based in London that wants to revolutionize the way we will visit museums in the future, with which we formed a close collaborative relationship that is giving us great satisfaction. Lastly, we can’t overlook internal projects, born exclusively from our passion, like the app Park And Share, made to share with other people the exact place we last parked our car, and the portal Oggi A Teatro, a website dedicated to theater activities in Livorno, which we donated to the city.

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