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World Backup Day: save your data!

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March 31s is World Backup day, the day to bring awareness to the importance of backing up  your data and files. Because everyone knows what it’s like to lose your vacation pictures or important documents and curse yourself for not backing them up!
Today is surely the best day to backup your files and schedule the next one… you can’t wait for the next World Backup Day! And if you’re not convinced, here is some information  that will make you want to dust off your hard drives!

The backup

We all know what a backup is and how important it is to preserve the data and files we don’t want to lose. Let’s not forget that it is useful for both your pc and smartphone, which will be unloaded and will run faster and more efficiently.
There are mainly two methods to secure your files and data: some prefer using an external support, like a sizable hard drive, while some people prefer to do it online, with the classic Dropbox or Google Drive (which still only have limited space) or with a paid cloud storage service, very useful for work and companies. There are also people who want to be 100% secure and use both!

The importance of securing your data

According to the “2020 Cyber Protection Week Survey” Acronis carried out on 3000 people in 11 countries around the world, 91% of the people interviewed admit to performing their backup once a year. It sounds like a good percentage but think about how many things we do with our smartphone or computer in 365 days.  Pictures, texts, important documents, projects… and much more. Are we sure once a year is enough?

Let’s especially think about the risks our data and files are vulnerable to: virus attacks, losing your phone, your computer breaking, or a simple error that deletes the document you’ve been working on for days! There are also cyber security dangers, which these last few years have been talked about in the papers (which thanks to their “popularity” have made users more alert: 88% of users are working on bettering their privacy and online security!)

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