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Climb the rankings of Modigliani Livorno

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Modigliani Livorno is a challenge: discovering places and finding objects will generate points.
Check your progress and world ranking among the users who, like you, are exploring the city, and become the best Modì Explorer!

As we have explained in the previous article (click here if you missed it!) Modigliani Livorno app is a game and it challenges you to find secret locations in Livorno, solve clues and discover hidden objects.

All this generates points that will allow you to climb the rankings while challenging the users who, like you, are exploring the city and trying to become the best Modì Explorer.

The score calculation is influenced by how many locations and objects you have found but also how long it took you to do it: if someone was faster than you to solve a clue and find a hidden object, they will score higher than you!

In the Progress section you will be able to check where you are in the exploration, how many locations you still have to find. You will also be able to see your score and ranking, discovering the score of your rivals.

Ready to be number 1?!?!

Discover the website dedicated to our app
The app is free, have fun playing!

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