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A tribute to Modigliani, an opportunity to know better a great artist, but also a game: Modigliani Livorno is all this!
Here are a guide to play with the app!

Here are the instructions to play your best!The real heart of the app is the Map, which is accessed by tapping the Map button, between History and Progress, which you see in the bar at the bottom of the screen.
You’ll be asked to choose your nickname, which is the name you want to be identified with in the game. You can choose the one that is listed by default or change it later from the Progress section.

From the map begins your exploration of Livorno, the search for those places that can tell you a piece of the life of Amedeo Modigliani.

Here’s a guide to learning how to play your best with our app!

Step 1 – Top 5 Places to Discover

There are 5 places marked with a symbol on the map. You’ll have to physically reach them, exploring the city, to find out what they have to tell you about Modigliani and how they can help you discover other places related to the artist.


  • To play you have to be in Livorno… you’ve never seen a treasure hunt at a distance, have you?
  • The starting point of the exploration are the places you see on the map, indicated by colored symbols. They are 5, of five different colors (blue, red, yellow, green and light blue), and each of them is placed on the map at the place you will have to physically reach.
  • By clicking on one of the symbols you see on the map, you can view the address to help you reach it.
  • Each place, once reached will show you a text that will tell you something more about the story of the artist.

Step 2 – Discover the secret places

The main places unlock other secret places nearby. To complete the exploration of one area, that is to discover all the points united by the same color, find the secret places!


  • Once you’ve reached one of the visible places, you’ll unlock the points of interest in the surroundings, they are the secret places. They are identified by colored areas of the same color as the main place.
  • Reaching each area, you’ll find the secret place and you’ll be able to access the new text that will tell you why that place is important to Modigliani. The secret location discovered is indicated on the map with a symbol of the color of the area you are exploring, with a key inside it.
  • Find all the secret locations to complete your exploration of an area

Step 3 – Clues and hidden objects

Once you’ve found all the places in the area you were exploring, the game gets tough: the clues come! If you can solve them, you’ll be able to find hidden objects!


  • You’ve found all the secret locations and completed your exploration of that area.
  • Now test yourself with the clues: they are riddles to be solved in order to understand where we have hidden some objects related to Modigliani.
  • If you understand where the item is hidden, reach out to it and find out if you’re right!
  • Once you’ve discovered all the secret locations in all areas to explore, and you’ve solved all the clues and found all the secret items… you’ll have the last clue that will lead you to find (if you’re good!) the last hidden object, the most important!

Get help from the drawer!


To guide you through the exploration, use the drawer, that you can access by dragging up the gray bar at the bottom the map. It’s a valuable tool that helps you understand where you stand!
Here’s what you can find in the drawer

  • The main places from which to start, with their address
  • A short sentence that gives you information about your situation and how to continue
  • If you see so many question points it means that that area is still unexplored
  • Brush: You have found the first place, the one visible
  • Key: You found one or more secret locations
  • Magnifying glass: you’ve arrived at the clue
  • The last symbol is the secret object… and we certainly won’t tell you what you’ll find, we don’t want to take away the fun!
  • If the symbols flash, it means that you have not read the text they give access to. Click on the flashing symbol to read the article or clue.

Well, are you ready to play for real?
Download the app now to test yourself!

Discover the website of the app https://livorno.modigliani.app
The app is free, have fun!

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