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Play with Modigliani Livorno

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Modigliani Livorno is a homage to Modigliani, a chance to better know a great artist… but also a game!
Here are the instructions to best play it!

The real heart of the app is the map, which you can access by clicking the Locations button, between The History and Ranking, which you can see in the bar on the bottom of the screen.
You will be asked to choose your nickname, the name you will be identified in the game with. You can choose the default one or edit it in the Ranking section.

From the map the exploration of Livorno will begin, the search of the locations that can tell you something about the life of Amedeo Modigliani.

Here is a guide to learn how to best play with out app!

Step 1 – The first 5 places to discover

There are 5 places marked with a symbol on the map. You will have to reach them physically, exploring the city, to find out what they have to tell you about Modigliani and how they can help you discover other places related to the artist.

  • In order to play it you have to be in Livorno… no such thing as a long distance treasure hunt, right?
  • The starting point for the exploration are the places you will find on the map, marked by some colorful symbols. There are 5 of them in five different colors (blue, red, yellow, green and light blue), and each of them is positioned on the map to mark the spot you will have to physically reach.
  • By clicking on one of the symbols on the map, you will be able see the address to help you reach it.
  • Once reached, every location will show you a text that will tell you something about the artist.

Step 2 – Discover the secret places

The main locations will unlock more secret places near them. To complete the exploration of the area, which means discovering all the places marked with the same color, find the secret locations!

  • When you reach one of the visible locations, you will unlock the points of interest around them, which are the secret locations. They are identified by areas marked with the same color of the main location.
  • By reaching each area, you will find the secret location and unlock new text content which will tell you why that place is important to Modigliani. The secret location you discover is marked on the map with a symbol in the color of the area you’re exploring, with a key inside.
  • Find all the secret locations to complete the exploration of the area.

Step 3 – Clues and hidden objects

Once you have found all the locations in the area you are exploring, the game gets harder: the clues come in! If you can solve them, you will be able to find the hidden objects!

  • You have found all the secret locations and you have completed the exploration of the area.
  • Now challenge yourself with the clues: they’re riddles you need to solve to know where we hid some objects tied to Modigliani.
  • If you guess where the object is hidden, reach the location and see if you got it right!
  • When you’ve discovered all the secret locations in all the areas to be explored, solved all the clued and found all the secret objects… the last clue will lead you (if you’re good!) to the last hidden object, the most important one!

Let the drawer help you!

To guide you in the exploration, use the drawer, which you can access by dragging up the grey bar on the bottom of the map. It’s a precious tool that will help you know your progress! Here is what you can find in the drawer

  • The main locations to start from, with the addresses
  • A short sentence that will give you directions on how to proceed
  • If you see many question marks it means that the area is still unexplored
  • Brush: you found the first location, the visible one
  • Key: you found one or more secret location(s)
  • Magnifying glass: you found the clue
  • The last symbol is the hidden object… which we won’t tell you, as not to spoil your fun!
  • If the symbols are flashing, it means you haven’t read the text they give you access to. Click on the flashing symbol to read the article or clue.

Well, are you ready to really play?
Download the app and challenge yourself today!

Discover the website dedicated to our app
The app is free, have fun playing!

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