iOs Sviluppo Software 29 Marzo 2017

APFS Apple File System

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Yesterday Apple released the update 10.3 for iOS, and millions of users around the world updated their devices. Many will have probably noticed that this update was longer than usual, weird as the most evident additions are “Find my AirPods” and a new way to manage the iCloud account in Preferences.

Actually, behind the scenes, the most important update was the introduction of the new filesystem Apple file system or APFS. Apple had announced the new APFS at the last WWDC, releasing its beta version for MacOS, but nobody expected to see it in iOS systems so soon.

But what is a file system exactly? The file system is that part of the operating system that interacts with the drive, writing and reading data on it, so basically a good file system guarantees that your photos are safe! 😉

So, where there is a drive there is a file system, and coming back to us, that means that the file systems of million of devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods and Apple Watches were silently updated by Apple yesterday, without having to format the drives and without anyone noticing. To us developers, something nearly impossible was done yesterday, our sincere congratulations to the Apple team who worked on the new file system!