World Backup Day: save your data!

Backup Day

March 31 is the World Backup Day, the world day to rise awareness of the importance of saving data and files.
Because it will be happened to everyone to lost that holiday’s photo or that important document and then cursed for not backing up!

Today is definitely the best day to make our backup and also to schedule the next… you can’t wait for the next World Backup Day! And if you’re not convinced, here are some data and information to make you rush to remove the cobwebs from your hard drives!

The backup

We all know what backup is, and we know it’s very important to keep all our files and data safe that we don’t want to lose. Don’t forget that is also useful for our pc and smartphone, which will be lightened and return to be fast and to the best of its capabilities. There are two ways to secure files and data: there are those who prefer to use external support, such as a nice capacious hard disk, or those who prefer do it online, with the most classic Dropbox or Google Drive (which anyway have a limited space) or with paid cloud storage servicesvery useful especially for work and businesses. Then there are also those who want to be 100% safe and therefore use both!

The importance of saving our data

According to the “2020 Cyber Protection Week Survey” that Acronis carried put on 3.000 people in 11 countries around the world. 91% of respondents say that backup once a year. It sounds like a good percentage but think about how many thins we do with our smartphone or our computer in 365 days. Photos, document, important document, projects… and more and more. Are we sure that once a year is enough?

Let’s think above all about the risks to which our data and files are subject: the attack of a virus, a lost mobile phone, a computer that stops working, but also simply an error that makes us lose that document that we had been working on for days!
And then there are the new cyber security dangers that in recent years are often on the front pages of newspaper (
which thanks to their “popularity” have made users be more attentive: 88% of users strive to improve their online privacy and security!)

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