Wib Security

Wib is an Israeli company located in Tel Aviv, founded by leaders in cybersecurity, among which the former CTO of the National Cyber Management, with the goal of reinventing the world of API security.
The term “API” stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is an interface that can be used to program the software to have it interact with existent applications. In essence, an API is a series of functions and procedures that can be called to access, question, manipulate data and functions of an existent application.
Wib has the goal to accelerate the development of API based services by discovering, identifying and fixing vulnerabilities and attacks, starting from the analysis of the code to the inspection of traffic in the production environment.
APIs can in fact be the first point of access for cyber attacks and they can be exposed to various vulnerabilities, as APIs by their own nature are designed to allow access to data, systems and applications, which is why Gartner predicted that APIs will be the number one vector for cyber attacks starting from 2022.

A collaboration of Italy and Israel

Oimmei Digital Consulting started collaborating with Wib since the beginning, supporting the newborn company in the areas of Design, Backend Development and Frontend Development, regarding both the institutional components and the development of components and core products of the service. The work is divided in teams comprised of members of Oimmei’s team in Livorno and members of Wib’s team in Tel Aviv, which collaborate daily using various tools. Through Agile methodology, it was possible to reach the set goals quickly, a necessary conditions for this kind of development and service. The collaboration gave and is giving to both companies the possibility to grow and always face new challenges.

A fluid experience with ReactJS

The work of Oimmei Digital Consulting mainly focused on the dashboard for the end users, specifically a web application comprised of four different products, each designed to support the developers and analysts through different stages of their own APIs’ life cycle (development, testing, production). The dashboard is a ReactJS software in TypeScript language, that allowed for the creation of a reactive single page app with a smooth user experience without interruptions.

Moreover, we offered support for the backend work, particularly for the development of Python micro-services for the most used third-party platform interactions in IT, such as GitHubBitBucket and GitLab. These micro-services allow for the integration of portals for the management of project software with the Wib ecosystem, so that it is possible to analyse the source code automatically and not invasively to search for vulnerabilities and offer solutions and suggestions in that regard.

The implementation of the Design System

One of the challenges of this project was creating an ecosystem that could be shared by both teams in which to generate and raise the graphic layout of the entire project and inside which to experiment the flow of the dashboard interface in order to improve, in a constant cyclical process, the user experience. The visual ecosystem of Wib was built with Figma in two stages: in the preliminary stage of research and study of the best practices and trends we mainly focused on the web application and on each of the 4 products it encompasses, defining a style based on the brand identity; the second stage had the team dedicated to the development of a structured Design System, still relative to the dashboard, the development of a website to make the world of Wib and the advantages it offers known, including the online and offline promotional material for the sponsorship of the brand.