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Web api e web services development for your digital products using the latest technology.

What is an API

The term “API” stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is an interface that can be utilized to program a software so it can interact with the existent applications. In practice, an API is a set of functions and procedures that can be called upon in order to access, question, and manipulate data and functions of an existent application.
Technically speaking, a web API delivers and extracts data using HTTP requests, which often return textual data in the form of JSON or XML responses.

A thousand APIs a day...

You have probably already realized it, but you use hundreds of APIs every day when you utilize your favorite digital services, like when you log into a website with your Facebook or Gmail account, when you access Netflix to watch a movie or you look up flights on Google.
In short, if your aim is to create an App that communicates with a server, there is surely a set of API involved.
Web API and Web Services Development

What is a Web Service

A Web Service is a specific type of API, a set of protocols and standard functions that exchange data between different systems and applications inside a network.
There are pros and cons to utilizing APIs or Web Services, surely an API is more versatile as not all the operation you can carry out with an API can be done with a Web Service, but there are also situations in which using a Web Service is more advantageous than using an API.
Our job and profession also consist in evaluating their use within the digital service.

Who works on APIs and Web Services

The job of the API developer is to develop, maintain, update and integrate the APIs and web services necessary for the digital service to work.
The API developer also handles the integration of third-party elements through APIs into the project (e.g. Paypal, Facebook, Payment Gateways, etc).

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