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Winners of Apps4Europe Awards

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Our latest cyber efforts were handsomely rewarded. Thanks to Hyperborea S.r.l. & Europeana and everyone who organized #hackforpisa! We recently participated to the event Hack4Pisa, a two days “hackaton” hosted by the Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio (Pisa). The goal was to create projects or ideas capable of transforming the use of cultural content in economic and social values. In a few words, the contest wanted the participants to formulate ideas and/or design application flows and prototyes that drew from the huge database made available by Europeana through the Europeana Public APIs to the developers.
We immediately felt that the environment was free of competition and very welcoming, contrary to the meaning of the world “contest”. Hyperborea Srl organized everything in the venues of the Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio (Pisa). An environment perfectly free of pressure, suitable for concentration and getting results. And we saw the results, very satisfying ones at that!
We at Oimmei were already studying, in our R&D department, the iBeacon(r) technology, when Matteo Lorenzini invited us to participate to the Hackaton.

Honestly and in a few words I will summarize how it all went:

Why not combine the two, iBeacon and l’Hackaton?

And that’s how the idea came to be. The main themes of the Hackaton were Culture, Tourism and Gamification, and the iBeacon technology was perfect for similar themes. Europeana Beacon App was in fact able to unite these concepts in a single application. The Mini-Site is available if you’re curious enough to try to understand what it’s about. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised!
We will be waiting for you at the event that will take place at the end of February 2015 in Manchester (UK), the Future Everything 2015!

Europeana Beacon App – The prototype

Simply on your Smartphone, in your hands when you need it. Find out more about the place you’re visiting, be it a famous museum or one of the most renowned plazas in the city you’re visiting. Or even, why not, the much awaited trade fair you managed to attend after planning everything during the past year! The iBeacon technology will help you understand where you are, showing you the points of interest when you simply walk near them, so you don’t miss them! A map in your hands, the magic of being alerted when you’re close to them! Multimedia content, descriptions, audio guides and much more, right when you need them!

Watch the video to see it in action:
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