Events 26 October 2015

Oimmei meets Muzeums

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Hello everyone! We’re impatient to announce that we’ve embarked  in a new exciting adventure! Oimmei will be part of a new startup called Muzeums, with a single goal in mind: re-defining the way every one of us experiences a museum visit.

Here is a brief explanation of what Muzeums will be:
“Muzeums is an App and a platform for museums that can provide museum visitors a unique and personal experience based on their interests and learning styles. All of this by dynamically arranging content that is tagged, geo-referenced and  experienced-based. In other words, while you use Muzeums, the App will generate  on the spot a calibrated experienced tailor made for you, presented in the format you prefer, be it a guided visit or an interactive game in real time.”
We were contacted  a few months ago by David Lachmish, CEO and founder of Muzeums, because he needed people and talents capable of transforming his vision into an app, and we were more than enthusiastic to embrace his vision.

Recently Muzeums was accepted in the prestigious platform Seedrs, the most prestigious platform in the United Kingdom  for crowdfunding, where anyone can finance a startup and receive stocks from the future company. If you also want to participate to this project, you can still get a piece of Muzeums, otherwise we can’t wait for you to try our platform next time you go to a museum!

This is the link to Muzeums’s company, Seedrs!

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