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Tourist Angel, the first free app for social tourism.

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We published Tourist Angel! The idea brought to us by Massimiliano and Andrea is now a reality! The first iPhone app for social tourism. For now it will only be available in Italy, but we count on releasing it abroad soon.

But what is “social tourism”?

It’s a new opportunity to get to know better the destinations of our journeys, helped by the inhabitants of the city you’re visiting, who can help you find events, shops, help you know cultural locations and much more!

The main goal is then to share eventual tour costs (without profiting off of it) and to make your city known, promoting the economy through cultural exchanges.

So, the app doesn’t want to replace official tour guides, on the contrary, if it will be successful like we hope it will, Tourist Angel will let you sign up as an official Tour Guide (with a regular license) and offer actual official itineraries.

We instantly liked the idea that Massimiliano and Andrea brought to us last year, in part because it encompasses our idea of revolutionizing the way we approach tourism, which we’re already promoting with Europeana Beacon, so while we wait for the Goteo crowdfunding to start, we developed and published this app, which will be the first of many apps and services dedicated to Tourism, Culture and Entertainment.

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