iOs Sviluppo Software 4 Aprile 2017

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

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Apple announced a developer portal born from a collaboration with SAP, which lead to the creation of an SDK dedicated to iOS to connect apps to the SAP Cloud enterprise systems.

For the first time, all the companies that already use SAP will have advanced clients to check their corporate data and interact with SAP servers, combining the computing power of SAP backends with the cutting-edge technology of Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Furthermore, SAP created Fiori for iOS, an extension of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, specifically to meet the needs of management software apps, providing a series of new UIKit components to do the job.

Just in Italy there are around 4000 PMIs that in the last year have used SAP solutions to manage their corporate processes (source: digital4biz), companies that can surely benefit from the freedom of action that Apple devices allow to manage their business at any moment.

We at Oimmei are already working on studying the new proposed SDK so we can offer our clients native and cutting-edge solutions to access their SAP systems.

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