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On History you can retrace the main stages of Modigliani’s life, between Livorno and Paris, between myth and reality, and the development of his artistic career. You can check these insights  from anywhere, comfortably from your smartphone.

If you want to know more about the artist before start to looking for Modigliani’s places, tap on History. Here you can retrace Modigliani’s history and career. It is not a simply report but we highlight the fundamental elements to understand who Modigliani was.
You can find many well known information but probably you can learn also something new and find some curious information.
Let’s take a few examples, but without telling you too much otherwise we would take away the taste of discovery!

The Garsin family was vary learned. His mother Eugenia and his grandfather Isaac took care of the education of the young Amedeo, who in fact was always noted for his knowledge of literature, philosophy and his mastery of the French.

Modigliani had the opportunity to visit many places: the centre and the south of Italy, Florence, Venice, Paris and the south of France. Each of these places helped to create a very vast set of artistic models that gave rise to a unique style.

The artist didn’t like to paint landscapes, indeed we have just a few examples of landscape paintings: one of the times of the school of painting with Micheli and a few of the last years of his life.

These are some of the curiosities and insights you can find in the History.
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