APFS Apple File System

apfs apple file system

Apple yesterday released the iOS 10.3 update and millions of users worldwide updated their devices. Many of them probably noticed that this update took longer than usual, a strange thing considering that the flagship features were “Find my AirPods” and a new iCloud account pane in Preferences.

Truth is that, behind the scene, the biggest update was the introduction of the new Apple File System or APFS. Apple announced it at the last WWDC, releasing a beta version for MacOS, but nobody thought that iOS devices would benefit from it so soon.

Exactly what is a file system? The file system is that part of an operating system that handle the physical disc, meaning it’s in charge, among the other things, of reading and writing data on the disc. A good file system means that your picture are safe once you took it! 😉

So, everywhere there’s a disc there’s a file system, for us it means that yesterday Apple updated, silently and in place, the file system of millions of iPads, iPhones, iPods and Apple Watch, without anyone noticing, but most importantly without formatting any of those discs. For us they managed to pull off something almost impossible, our most sincere congratulations to the Apple team that worked on the new file system!

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