E-Commerce Website Creation

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Online shopping is growing, with a suitable platform and a good strategy you can join this trend.

Your e-commerce

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is a commercial activity that connects sellers and buyers through the Internet. The purchase of goods and/or services is handled by an online store, by an app and by many other sales channels (social media, marketplaces, etc.)
We will plan together and create an e-commerce solution for you using high-performance platforms and the most advanced technologies.

Why have an e-commerce

E-commerce platforms have very low management costs and have no geographical boundaries, the optimal condition for starting or strengthening your business. Here are some benefits of having an e-commerce online store:
  • Always open: your clients can make their purchase at any moment, even at night;
  • No boundaries tied to territory (you can sell to every part of the world);
  • Maintenance is cheap: the costs are considerably lower than the costs of a traditional store;
  • Every activity can be monitored with analysis tools;
  • It is flexible and customizable depending on the needs.

Some of the platforms we use in the creation of e-commerce websites:



Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin made for the creation of e-commerce. WordPress is the world’s most used CMS (Content Management System), and Woocommerce is an excellent solution for simple projects, with fewer products, that can integrate with a communication strategy based on WordPress’ core functionalities like blogging and content mass-creation.


Prestashop is a standalone solution born for the development of e-commerce. This CMS is halfway between Woocommerce and Magento when it comes to difficulty of use. It has no limits of use and is customizable and extendable.


Magento is the most powerful solution when it comes to development and performance, it is a standalone solution suitable for complex projects with a lot of products. Its complexity is also its best weapon, because it allows for all the flexibility that a large e-commerce needs.

Custom modules

During the creation of e-commerce websites, when we have to go beyond the functionality of the individual platforms, we are able to design and implement integration modules to enhance and extend the functioning of the single platform.