Strategic Analysis

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Getting to know you is the first step for us to successfully accompany you along a path of growth. Understanding the present to plan for the future together, starting from your philosophy, your value systemtone of voice, your past actions and achieved results, until we can design and define your future goals.

Market analysis

This stage of strategic analysis is preparatory to each project, because understanding the market trends, the habits of potential customers, their behaviors, their orientations, is essential to understand and lay the foundations of a solid strategy.
The study of how the service or product is perceived, how it is searched for and used, and what market volumes it affects (search volumes) are part of this analysis.

Target analysis

Understanding people is the key to a successful digital strategy. During this stage we identify the target audience and the reasons that lead them to search for your product, be them rational or emotional.
Depending on the needs, it is possible to build real model users (buyer personas), to explore in detail the actual desires and needs of the identified target.

Competitors analysis

Before starting an activity, an aspect of strategic analysis that should be considered more is the identification of competitors. Often when we ask our clients for feedback on their own competitors, they cannot think of more than a couple, and those they do manage to identify are all direct competitors.
But let’s take a step back, what types of competitors exist and therefore which competitors do you need to identify?
Direct competitors
They are those (companies, stores, professionals) who offer very similar services – both in substance and in form – have similar targets and therefore solve similar problems.
Indirect competitors
They are those who offer products and services that are somewhat different but that could potentially satisfy the same need and could help the buyer achieve the same goal.
And then there is them, the digital giants, AmazonGoogleApple, as well as other competitors not often considered but which we should keep in mind more. Because it is only by customizing the product/service that it will be possible to keep up with any competitor that appears on the horizon.
Through a strategic analysis on the positioning status of online competition we are able to identify the behavior of competing companies, identify their strengths and weaknesses to elaborate digital strategies that can promote the best possible position and that can offer the most suitable tools to start competing.