PA Portals

We work for a digital, accessible and inclusive public administration

Developing websites, portals or apps for public administration requires dedicated knowledge and tools, other than an adequate approach to design.
Designing PA portals and websites for public institutions is also complex because of the internal characteristics of the entities themselves, like their size, the degree of computerization of the employees, the often varied nature of the documentation we need to handle.

Designing a portal for public administration

The guideline to obtaining an adequate digital product for public administration is to think about making life easier for the citizens and users of the website.

This means, like in all other fields, conveying the information you need, when you need it.

The principle is undoubtedly basic but it is not to be taken for granted, because the information PAs hold is sometimes fragmented, and because the design and mapping of information is not always linear.

Simplicity, accessibility and inclusion

Other than ease of use, some fundamental characteristics of the digital services for public administration are accessibility and inclusion.
By accessibility we mean the ability of IT systems to also provide services and usable information without discrimination to people who, due to disabilities, require assistive technologies or particular configurations.
Thus by following the guidelines and regulation of the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (AGID) it is possible to create accessible digital products.

Reliability, security and monitoring

Other important aspect are software reliability and security, complying to the ever evolving privacy policies.
Lastly we provide monitoring and maintenance services for the digital products we created, PA portals and websites for public institutions, so we can follow the life cycle of the software as a whole and respond to the feedback of the target users with adequate updates.