IOS App Development

Use the Apple brand to make your project grow

Apple is synonym with qualityreputation and optimal performance. With an iOS app you can enjoy all the advantages of a consolidated technological world with a very high potential.

iOS app development

An iPhone app is a software designed to work on Apple’s iOS (iPhone Operating System) devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
For iOS development we can use different technologies, which will be be dependent on your project’s specific needs.
Objective-C is an old, highly reliable programming language that uses dynamic typing and message passing. It also requires dividing the classes into two blocks of code: interface and implementation.
Swift is a relatively new programming language which was released by Apple in 2014. A language that abandons Objective-C’s inheritance and has all the characteristics of modern programming: generic, optional, type inference and higher-order functions. In 2019 came SwiftUI, a framework made by Apple using Swift to create graphic interfaces, which will probably grow to replace the UIKit, the current standard for creating said interfaces.

The biggest advantage of SwiftUI is that it allows you to create complex components in less time, letting you use a single framework to develop interfaces on different devices instead of having to use different frameworks (UIKitWatchKit and AppKit).
Currently our developing team uses the programming language most suitable for each project, studying its potential and limitations during the design stage.

All the advantages of an iOS app

Even if iOS occupies a smaller percentage of the app market, it can still generate sky-high profits.
Mainly the reason is that iOS users are willing to spend more on an App than Android users and this means that if you develop an iOS app that is well structured, innovative and that cares about user experience – like the ones we can provide you thanks to our specialization – new revenue streams for your company and an elevated ROI on your app’s creation costs are guaranteed.

But this is not all that makes the iOS market so convenient. The Apple brand is a quality guarantee, which is why you can count on a wide base of loyal users, familiar with an excellent user experience and accustomed to the particularly intuitive and interactive interface of iOS devices, who will expect very high quality and innovation standards.

Lastly, developing iOS apps ensures optimal performance. Apple, in fact, by developing both the operating system and the hardware, offers perfect harmony and compatibility, which imply a higher processing speed and more data security.