An App for Augmented Reality

AR Promo is an app for Android and iOS that uses augmented reality to offer a unique and exciting experience.
Augmented reality is an innovative technology that mixes the physical world with digital elements, offering users an immersive and interactive experience. Through devices such as smartphones, glasses or headsets, augmented reality superimposes virtual information, such as graphics, text, and 3D objects, onto the surrounding real context. This allows users to interact with the digital world in real time, enriching perception and interaction with the surrounding environment. Augmented reality is used in various sectors, from entertainment with games and interactive applications, to industry with support for training, design and maintenance. Its continuous evolution promises to further transform our daily experience, opening up new opportunities and challenges in the integration between the real and digital worlds.

How it works

The application uses your smartphone’s camera to identify images in real time and display interactive and engaging multimedia content. Whether it is flyers, posters or advertisements, AR Promo instantly recognizes these images and through augmented reality animates them with videos, images, sounds or any other type of multimedia content chosen by advertisers. The app provides a creative way to promote products, communicate messages and engage users in a whole new way.
In fact, the objective of the app, in addition to allowing users to experience augmented reality, a cutting-edge technology, is to bring users into contact with companies and view additional digital content designed for them, learning more about the companies and access reserved contents. Through the appropriate search section, the user can select the company that created an object and start exploring its contents.