bSmart Software Development 21 February 2015

bSmart, a project based on iBeacon technology

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“bSmart” is a project that aspires to valorize the territory through the iBeacon ® technology.
We’re firmly convinced that by using these technologies we can open  new sources of interest and engagement for tourists and citizens towards historical and natural beauties  and all the excellences our territory can offer. By proposing a new way  to interact and relate to the surrounding environment, they valorize the experience  a person can have in our province and at the same time heightened the tourist’s  desire to come back and explore our heritage.

In summary, these are the components of bSmart:



Making monuments/locations of interest interactive and multimedial
When walking near a monument the tourist will automatically receive its file and will have the possibility to  consult audioguides (optional, for pay), pictures, videos, etc. For example they could get pointed out other  places of interest or rest stops in the area.
Discovering “hidden” historical locations
On foot it is possible to walk in front of Modigliani’s or Ilio Barontini’s birthplace and not know it: the beacon  of their homes will tell the app, so the tourist will be able to discover the most hidden places in the city.
Turn your touristic visit into a “social” experience
Today selfies and #hashtags are popular: by taking a picture with the app next to the predisposed beacons,  the tourist will be able to automatically share it on social networks, helping to increment the visibility of your Municipality  globally and encouraging new tourists to visit it.
Know which and how many monuments you have visited.
Thanks to the beacons it’s possible to know how many monuments have been visited, so the tourist will be able to  “play” in a treasure hunt that they can “win” by visiting all the locations indicated by the app.
Play and learn thanks to the beacons
Through the game you can understand the quality of the offered experience, thanks to quizzes and games about the monuments that  the tourist had actually visited. This experience can also be a way to get children closer  to art and culture in a playful way.
Monitoring the most visited monuments
Knowing which monuments are most visited by tourists and citizens can help the Administration better valorize  the cultural patrimony.



Identify the best eno-gastronomic tours
Choose between existing and custom itineraries of the eno-gastronomic establishments of the territory. The visitor  can decide to follow routes already registered on the app (like for example the Wine Road) or plan  new one depending on their tastes.
What vehicle to use for my eno-gastronomic tour
Car, motorbike, bicycle or on foot? The routes will contain information on how to follow them in the best  way, indications of the recommended stops, accomodations and rest stops associated to the itinerary.
Detailed files for every company
Companies and product catalogs will always be available to the user (even at home), and if they are visiting  a company, they will be able to access extra content that will be available thanks to the beacons!
The products speak for themselves and make people talk
When approaching a product, the visitor will receive a detailed file and will be able to add it to their  favorites. Each product can be commented and evaluated: all the messages will be visible to the Company, who  will be able to choose to make them public or not.
Buy products directly on the app
During a visit to a company, it will be possible to directly indicate which product you want to buy.
Even after going back home you will be able to order and buy your favorite products with the App.



Making the displayed art pieces interactive
When approaching an installation, the visitor will automatically receive its file and will be able to consult it  without having to crowd in front of the descriptive plaque. Other than text, the files can contain audios, videos and  pictures. The uncovered content will remain available to the visitor even after leaving the exhibit.  From now on, the work of art will do the talking.
Reinvented audio guides
The museum will be able to create at any moment new audio-guided tours, that can be purchased directly in  the app. Throughout the suggested itinerary, the beacons will indicate the right audio information to the app, which will be  automatically played in the earphones.
Know which pieces you haven’t seen
The visitor will be able to know if they have explored all the exhibit thanks to the app and will easily find the  installations they haven’t seen yet.
Play with artworks
Personalized games, which use the installations as subjects, will help enhance their viewing:  an innovative way to also get kids closer to art and culture and have fun with it.
Tools for the curator
By recording which installations have actually been visited, the time spent in front of them, the order of visitation  of the installations, etc. the curator of the exhibit has an innovative tool in hand to evaluate and enhance their  shows based on the real behavior of the visitors.

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