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7 reasons why Slack is the perfect tool for smartworking

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Slack is a daily tool for Oimmei. In this time of homeworking  it has surely become the tool we’re using the most, thanks to all its beneficial features for managing activities and group work.

If you don’t know it, it’s a company collaboration tool, both for team organization and work management and communication about projects in progress. A tool that aims to enhance the productivity of the work group, keeping the members in contact and focused on the work goals.
This tool is ideal for remote work because its features keep you in contact with your colleagues and clients both on your smartphone and pc, removing the hassle of multiple email chains to discuss a project or contact the client.

Here are 7 great reasons why Slack is indispensable for smartworking:

  1. Channels: to organize your work. They can be created for a topic, a team or a project. This way conversations will remain focused on a single topic.
  2. Videocalls: perfect for remote meetings, with the team or with a client. Slack also allows screen sharing to show what you’re talking about.
  3. Saved elements: only you can see them and they’re useful to save conversations or files to look more into them later.
  4. Integrate apps: this tool allows you to connect multiple apps to make your work more productive.
  5. Privacy and security: private channels and data protection to make your work safe.
  6. Multiplatform: this feature is essential to always be ahead of the game, in fact it is easy to use on both your desktop and smartphone.
  7. File: this tool was born for working, so it supports file sharing of any kind and size.

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