Modigliani Livorno. All about Modigliani’s life and career


On History you can retrace the main stages of Modigliani’s life, between Livorno and Paris, between myth and reality, and the development of his artistic career. You can check these insights  from anywhere, comfortably from your smartphone.

If you want to know more about the artist before start to looking for Modigliani’s places, tap on History. Here you can retrace Modigliani’s history and career. It is not a simply report but we highlight the fundamental elements to understand who Modigliani was.
You can find many well known information but probably you can learn also something new and find some curious information.
Let’s take a few examples, but without telling you too much otherwise we would take away the taste of discovery!

The Garsin family was vary learned. His mother Eugenia and his grandfather Isaac took care of the education of the young Amedeo, who in fact was always noted for his knowledge of literature, philosophy and his mastery of the French.

Modigliani had the opportunity to visit many places: the centre and the south of Italy, Florence, Venice, Paris and the south of France. Each of these places helped to create a very vast set of artistic models that gave rise to a unique style.

The artist didn’t like to paint landscapes, indeed we have just a few examples of landscape paintings: one of the times of the school of painting with Micheli and a few of the last years of his life.

These are some of the curiosities and insights you can find in the History.
To find out all, download the app!

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The app is free, have fun!

Modigliani Livorno. The app you can’t miss!


Modigliani Livorno is here!
The app that will take you to discover the Livorno of Amedeo Modigliani, a tour to get to know the artist and his hometown.
Free and available for iOS and Android, Modigliani Livorno awaits you on the stores!

Amedeo Modigliani was born in Livorno, but was always too little present in his city and often known more for the legend that concerns him than for his true history.  If you think of Modigliani you think of Paris and few know the importance of Livorno in his life. Here he was not only born, but there were central episodes in his life, there were characters essential for his future and here he develop his cultural and artistic path.

So we said: why not create an easy-to-use, innovative and engaging tool that allows everyone to know more about this artist and his history connected to Livorno? A gift for the city and a tribute to this great artist!


This is how Modigliani Livorno was born, the app that accompanies you to discover the places of Modigliani in Livorno. A tool that proposes an interactive and innovative approach to the cultural art world, in which the user feels at the center.

Because the app not only invites you to go to the places in Livorno that we have chosen as the most significant for the life of the artist and that we tell you through a text, but also invites you to have fun. In addition to the places, in fact, there are hidden objects that complete your search, but they will not be so easy to find: there are riddles to solve. Every place found and every hidden object discovered will make you accumulate points and climb the ranking of users who are exploring Livorno like you.
Not only curiosity and insights but also involvement and fun.

The development of this app has involved the whole Oimmei’s team. We are really proud of it and we wish you like as we do!

Discover the website of the app https://livorno.modigliani.app
The app is free, have fun!

App B On Time Livorno

  • App B On Time Livorno
  • App B On Time Livorno
  • App B On Time Livorno

We have revolutionized the public transport app for the Province of Livorno.

We really hope that you enjoy it and that it can be useful for your daily travels. We are already thinking about improvements and new developments to make it even more exceptional! Obviously your feedback is welcome…and also your positive reviews on the stores 😛

The first public exit will be tomorrow, April 13, at the city of San Vincenzo, at 12 o’clock. The event will be opened by Alessandro Bandini, Mayor of San Vincenzo.

You are all invited!

Be On Time is the app for the consultation of the local public transport  schedules of the Province of Livorno (Livorno, Piombino, Cecina, Rosignano, Portoferraio, Elba, Capraia, Val di Cornia) carried out by CTT nord (ex ATL) and Tiemme (ex ATM) companies.

With B On Time is possible, in addition to consulting timetables and lines, looking for nearest shops or purchase the travel tickets, plan travels with the travel planner, receive real time information on the service, receive personalized information through the use of beacons at the stop or on the bus.


  • SCHEDULE: ability to check timetables at individual stops as programmed
  • REAL TIME: you can receive directly in the App the information regarding next steps in real time to the single stop
  • LINES PLAN: you can view the list of lines and detail of every single line of public transportation.
  • TRAVEL PLANNER: ability to schedule the travels through the function of travel planner “from – to” already integrated.
  • STOPS: research and view of nearest stops.
  • TRANSPORT TICKETS: purchase your travel tickets for all the routes supported by the platform  via the sms system integrated
  • ALERTS: access to local public transport operators alerts.


Download it now by this link:


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