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TESEO è un’App per iOS e Android che offre la possibilità di ottenere informazioni sulle linee e gli orari degli autobus di tutta la Toscana nord-ovest, le città capoluogo dei rispettivi bacini sono: Livorno, Pisa, Massa Carrara, Lucca, Pistoia, Prato ed Empoli.
Teseo è stata creata per CTT Nord, CAP e COPIT, con il supporto di SWARCO e TTE per supportare l’infomobilità della Toscana.

L’App mostra i servizi e gli altri strati informativi disponibili (Fermate, rivendite, negozi convenzionati) intorno ad un punto specifico (che è blu per identificare la propria posizione, rosso per qualsiasi altro punto).

La mappa è esplorabile sia con il classico scrolling sia utilizzando il campo ricerca per spostamenti più lontani.

B On Time - App iOSTeseo App

Teseo is an app for Android and for IOS that offers the possibility to obtain information about lines and bus schedules of all the North West Tuscany. The capital cities are: Livorno, Pisa, Massa Carrara, Lucca, Pistoia, Prato and Empoli.

Teseo was created for CTT Nord, CAP and COPIT, with the support of SWARCO and TTE in order to help the Tuscany’s info-mobility.

The app shows services and other information available (for example stops, shops and stores) around a specific point which is blue to identify your position and red for any other point.

You can explore the map both with classic scrolling or by using the search field to move farther away.



  • SCHEDULE: ability to check timetables at individual stops as programmed
  • REAL TIME: you can receive directly in the App the information regarding next steps in real time to the single stop
  • LINES PLAN: you can view the list of lines and detail of every single line of public transportation.
  • TRAVEL PLANNER: ability to schedule the travels through the function of travel planner “from – to” already integrated.
  • STOPS: research and view of nearest stops.
  • TRANSPORT TICKETS: purchase your travel tickets for all the routes supported by the platform  via the sms system integrated
  • ALERTS: access to local public transport operators alerts across the North, CTT’s service area CAP and COPIT.


Teseo, Free to move

A lot of information always available on your smartphone.

We chose this name to remind Teseo, a character of the Greek mythology, who managed to overcome the labyrinth of Dedalo with the help of Arianna’s thread.

An ancient name for an instrument that looks to the future, in order to improve the info-mobility and the quality of the instruments aimed at public transportation users.

The one presented today is only the first step of the path of realization and development of Theseus, which provides a punctual and careful control over the information to be included in the APP by the companies, through a dashboard of direct and immediate monitoring.

Soon the new updates of Teseo will be published in order to make the app more and more complete and full of functionality, 

Soon the new updates of Theseus will be published in order to make the APP more and more complete and full of functionality, up to the possibility to present to the users the information in real time, with the indication of the waiting for all the stops of the lines of the territories concerned. 

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