• #365 an epic year by efficacemente.com
  • #365 an epic year by efficacemente.com
  • #365 an epic year by efficacemente.com
  • #365 an epic year by efficacemente.com
  • #365 an epic year by efficacemente.com

#365 an epic year by Efficacemente.com

#365 is an annual course reserved for Efficacemente’s readers. The course will accompany you, day after day, in achieving your most ambitious goals. 

Efficacemente is the first blog in Italy about personal growth. We realized the application for the course #365-an epic year, by Andrea Giuliodori.

The 2018 edition is the 3rd edition of #365, a course created by Andrea Giuliodori, engineer, ex manager and founder of efficacemente.com 

During last 2 years, Andrea has accompanied 2000 readers in achieving their goals, sharing with them every day those strategies of efficacy and personal growth that has deepened for 17 years.

Best motivato is like a shower. You need it daily. Jim Rohn

The course was born as an email list reserved for 1000 efficacemente’s readers.

Achieve your goals with the new #365 app

Often the apps of our smartphones are an unnecessary source of distraction: What better way to remind us of our dreams and our goals of a #365 app, installed on that weapon of mass distraction that we carry in our pockets? 

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#365 an epic year by Efficacemente.com


Define your #mantra

The #mantra is your password, your primary objective.

The app will guide you, step by step, in defying an effective #mantra and it will remind you everyday of the promise you made to yourself.

Identify your output

Having a clear objective is not enough. To achieve it you need to make concrete actions everyday.

Within the app Andrea Giuliodori will guide you to the definition of your output, hat is the action that more than any other will contribute to the achievement of your priority goal 

Get help from a buddy

If you want, the new app allows you to identify one or more buddy, traveller companions who can support you in difficult times and spur you when you are lazy.

In fact, the buddy will be notified automatically every time you don’t complete a certain number of challenges or when you don’t add new advances to your scorecard. 


Don’t miss a single challenge

You can see the daily challenges directly within the app.

You can also mark them as completed and give them an evaluation that we will use to update the sequence of challenges dynamically throughout the year. 

If you prefer, you can continue to receive the challenges by mail.

Keep track of your progress

The scorecard function can keep track of your daily progress.

There is no more motivating thing than scoring at the end of the day the progress made towards your goal. In the new app you can do it in a practical and fast way.

Moreover it help you to know if you are keeping to the schedule

Useful notification

Most of our smartphone’s notifications just distract us.

If you choose to activate notifications of the new #365 app you’ll finally receive notifications that will remind you every day to stay focused on your most ambitious goals for the year.