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Europeana Beacon App

Here we go! This is the new prototype for the Future Everything Festival in Manchester, thanks to Europeana and Apps4Europe for this opportunity. Some words about the App: “Europeana Beacon


bSmart. An iBeacon based project

“bSmart” is a project which brings enhancement to territorial value through the use of iBeacon ® technology. We are firmly convinced that the correct use of this very latest technology,

cgil sito web livorno sindacato app ios android

New App & WebSite – CGIL Provincia di Livorno

It’s online the new WebSite and the new App of the confederation CGIL made by Oimmei!  

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Apps4Europe Awards Winners – Europeana Beacon

Our last efforts were greatly paid back! Thank you to Hyperborea s.r.l. & Europeana and all who organized the #hack4pisa! We recently participated the Hack4Pisa, a two-day hackathon in Pisa

Here’s why we’re excited about the Apple Watch

Last Thursday evening (for us Italians) at Fleet Center in San Francisco, Apple attended the latest keynote, where they unveiled the latest iPhones (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus), a

Using standard MessageUI to send an email

This little code snipped is by far the quickest way to send an email using standard iOS7 SDK. It has surely helped me out in saving me a lot of