SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

Few days ago Apple announced on his developer portal the result between a collaboration with SAP, an SDK for iOS to connect with SAP systems. For the first time SAP

apfs apple file system

APFS Apple File System

Apple yesterday released the iOS 10.3 update and millions of users worldwide updated their devices. Many of them probably noticed that this update took longer than usual, a strange thing

Internship Experience: Europeana Collections Importer

The ending of an experience of academic studies sure is an important moment, and I found myself going through that moment here. My name is Andrea Cioni, developer apprentice for

  • Oimmei supporting Muzeums at MuseumNext
  • Oimmei supporting Muzeums at MuseumNext
  • Oimmei supporting Muzeums at MuseumNext

Oimmei supporting Muzeums at MuseumNext

New York, Nov. 14-16 2016 Being part of such a big project like Muzeums need us to tour around the world promoting it, helping it grow. Unlike in 2015, when

oimmei internet day livorno evento

Internet Day Livorno

It’s been exactly 39 years since that April 30th 1986, when Italy took his part into the history of Internet. A signal took off from the CNR in Pisa, thanks

techcrunch london muzeums

Oimmei & Muzeums Live @TechCrunch Disrupt

oimmei team agency

We Are Oimmei!

  Who are we? Oimmei! It’s pronounced O-I-M-M-E-I [ôimmèi] How long have you been on the market? Officially we are a company from less than a year, after various personal experiences

oimmei muzeums europeana network associations agm

We Are Europeana: Oimmei and Muzeums at the Europeana Network Association AGM 2015

On 3 and 4th of November Oimmei has been invited to partecipate at the annual meeting of Europeana Members, a two days event where organisations and influential people from all

techcrunch london muzeums

Oimmei is going to Muzeums

Hi everyone! We’re thrilled to announce that we’re going to be part of an exciting new adventure. Oimmei will be part of a new startup called Muzeums, with only one

Park and Share app ios

Park And Share finally available!

The first App to REALLY share with friends and family where you parked the car! Park, get Directions to the Car, set a Park Meter, Share the parking position with