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Who are we?
Oimmei! It’s pronounced O-I-M-M-E-I [ôimmèi]

How long have you been on the market?
Officially we are a company from less than a year, after various personal experiences in other companies and as freelancers.

What do we do?
Mostly we develop Apps and Mobile Solutions, Web Applications and Web Sites. We’re constantly looking for new partners and exciting projects, projects that can help us became better, expand our networks, face new challenges and develop innovative solutions.

Why in Italy?
Work in Italy it’s not easy. Decide to basecamp in Livorno it’s a challenge. But our roots are here, and it’s the only place where Oimmei could have born.

Why do you like your job?
Because we play instead of work! Each day we face new kind of technologies, and every new thing it’s a motivation to discover new technological frontiers: sometimes the game can be hard, challenging, with difficult rules, but in the end what’s left is the pleasure of doing something with a lot of meaning for ourselves and other people.

How much does it cost to make an App, a Project?
This is the most frequent question, and the sole answer is: it depends! There are some many aspects that’s impossible to determine a general price. Each project has the basic principle, it has to be studied deeply, it’s hurdles, it’s winning points as well as the loose ones, and only after this process we could give an estimate. For example an App could cost 2.000€ as well as 30.000€, it much depends on the quality of the final product, the possible interactions inside the App like Social Networks or similar, if it has to integrate with a website, the number of languages and many other aspects.

What are the key points of a successful product?
Think big, but start small. The main risk is to want to develop everything at once, have a great idea and thinking about develop all the aspects in the first release could be very dangerous, you could risk to waste a lot of energy and don’t achieve the goal. One other aspect is making a good planning, a key aspect for the success of every kind of project from the smallest one to the next Facebook rival. Plan from the start and knowing from the beginning each aspect of an App and how it could evolve in time is the key for avoiding face unexpected hurdles or slow bumps during the development. Our motto is plan first, then get dirty in the code.

What’s the project that you liked the most, and why?
It’s not easy to answer that! Each one of them has been important and teach us something, for example it meant a lot to us finding good partners in Livorno like Inlinea Spa that asked us to develop the App AsteGiudiziarie, a service to showcase auctions, but on the other end it’s vital for us to look outside Italy, first partecipati at the contest Apps4Europe in Manchester where we showed our innovative solution for tourism, combining OpenData and  iBeacon technology, Europeana Beacon, and after that Muzeums, an amazing London Startup who aims to revolutionise the way people will visit a museum in the near future. Last but not least we’re focusing on in house projects, coming solely from our passion, like the App Park And Share, where you can share with family and close friends the exact location of your last parking, or the web portal Oggi A Teatro, a site dedicated to the theatres and acting companies in our city Livorno, that we wanted to be a gift to our city.

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