Park And Share finally available!

Park and Share app ios

The first App to REALLY share with friends and family where you parked the car!
Park, get Directions to the Car, set a Park Meter, Share the parking position with anyone you like!

We’ve been developing this idea in house for a long time, and now we’re proud to announce that our latest App is finally ready and shipped!

Park And Share comes from a basic idea and a simple need, either when you share your family car with your significants others or with your roommates and you need some help answering this very question:

“Hey, where did you park the car last time?”


With Park And Share you can instantly share your last park location with family and friends, and they’ll receive it on their phones just like as they’ve parked themselves! Plus, when anybody takes the car and remove the parking all the others will be instantly informed too, letting them know that the car is not there anymore.

Of course Park And Share has all the other commodities you can find in other parking Apps, like the ability to set a Park Meter time and be reminded before it runs out, or guiding you back to where you parked from your current location. All of this in new, easy, and fun way.

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Here’s a brief note about Park And Share, as you would find on the iTunes Store page:
Use the GPS to get the most accurate position or manually search for the address.

Login with Facebook, add friends and family members to your favorites list and with a simple touch send your last parking position up to 6 of them. Each one of them will instantly recive the position on their App, and all of you will get notified when someone takes the car.

Receive walking directions to quickly get back to your car.

The Promo Video:

Park And Share it’s available today for iOS and we’ll be available soon on Android too!

Go to the website parkandshareapp.com
Go get it now on AppStore.