The Unicorno Isterico 🦄

A new adventure has begun and is called Unicorno Isterico 🦄!
We have renewed our Youtube channel with a subject that will concern many themes. The goal?  Concreteness and useless speeches.

How much does an app cost? I have an idea, can you help me to develop it? I have a startup but I haven’t money to invest, how can I do? Is an app better than a web app? What’s the difference between a hybrid app and a native app? Do you develop for Huawei? Do you recommend to build an app on one platform?

Everyday we receive a lot of questions, these up here are only the most popular. The truth is that our job, the market, the time in which we are living, have forced us to have a 360° training on the world of digital

More and more often those who turn to us don’t just need simply a technological support to develop a software, customers today need someone to help them and follow them on path that is not purely technological  but that goes from setting up an entrepreneurial activity, from refining the initial idea with well-defined processes, from finding funds, branding design and software integration within their systems and processes.

The Unicorno Isterico was born with the aim to providing supporto to those who, out of necessity, vocation or entrepreneurial impulse find themselves interacting with digital. In this subject we will face many different aspects that go in the same direction and with the same goal, train future entrepreneurs, inform companies, warn against possible problems and rip-offs to have a healthy relationship , balanced and profitable of digital tools.

Why did we call him “L’Unicorno Isterico”? We explain it to you in this first video where we are going to present the project!


TouristAngel app ios

We published Tourist Angel! The idea Massimiliano and Andrea brought us is now reality! The fist iPhone App for social tourism. For now it will be available just in Italy, but we planning on a launch on the foreign markets in the very next future.

But what actually is “social tourism”?

It’s a new opportunity of getting even more deeply acquainted the very goals of our travels, helped by the locals of the cities we are visiting. They can help you find events, go shopping, know cultural places and much more! Every single experience the Angels of Tourism offer might require a cost though, for eventually covering transportation tickets, gasoline, entrance tickets for museums or shows or who knows what… anyways, the amount payed for the tour will be limited to the actual amount of the expenses effectively faced by the Angel during the experience.

The main goals are the sharing of the costs of a tour, without creating any profit, and making visitors know your city, promoting economy through social and cultural inter-exchange.

So, the App does not want to take the place of the official tour guides, insted, if it will be as successfull as hoped, Tourist Angel will provide the functionality to have Official Tourist Guide (with official licence) subscribed, and will offer real “official” tours and itineraries.

The idea was presented us last year by Massimiliano and Andrea, we did like it immediately, since it completely matches our personal idea of revolutioning the way of Tourism, which we were already working on with Europeana Beacon. We are waiting the start of the crowdfunding project we enrolled in Goteo. We did develop this App which will actually be the first of a Tourism/Culture/Show-centered series.

For further information http://www.touristangelapp.com