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SchoolBus App

The goal of the School Bus app is ensuring the safety of your children. The application offers the possibility of monitoring the child on his way from home to school. In addition, the long waits at the stop will no longer be a problem: our app is able to view school bus delays, as well as promptly notify abnormal events, such as the descent or ascent of the child to an incorrect stop. All comfortably from your smartphone. 

Parent’s app functionalities

  • Monitoring of children’s ascent and descent through the parent’s App.
  • Reliability and safety through keychains with Low Energy Bluetooth sensors (BLE) Beacons.
  • Display of scheduled bus schedules and any delays or advances and anomalies.
  • Real time display of the school bus path.
  • Account protected by credentials provided by the local manager.

Handler’s app functionalities

  • Vehicle Data-Danrivers-Devices for the vestiture of the races.
  • Service Statistics Consultation: Km Service on line, Frequentation.
  • Management of children-schools-stops ascent and descent.
  • Notifications: Alerts parents promptly in case of changes to the service or special events.
  • The system can also be managed independently.

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Sustainable Mobility and sociability

School Bus App, ensuring the safety of children, will lighten parents from accompanying children personally to school. This will lead to a strengthening of sustainable mobility, promoting the reduction of traffic and excessive pollution, and also help to rediscover the value of sociality, creating a network among children even outside the school desks.

Easy to use

The School Bus app is easy and intuitive to use. Stay up to date on schedules, delays and check the route from the bus in real time.