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QuiLivorno App

QL is the new APP of QuiLivorno, the online newspaper of Livorno and province. 

The users will be able to consult the newspaper directly from their smartphone, but it is not just this. In the new app, new functionalities allow the user a better and personalized enjoyment.

With QL news and events are clear visible and always updated, with a special section dedicated to the Livorno Calcio fans. The user, moreover, can receive personalized notifications based on his/her interest and send reports of discontent about the city.

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The old app was outdated, just a small version of the website. The news, as well as the other sections, were barely visible and had little space.

The app was also not very usable, not only because it was difficult to navigate and not user-friendly, but also because it often had real malfunctions that blocked its use. 

From a graphic point of view, the orange color immediately jumped to the eye, in no way familiar to the readers of Qui Livorno accustomed to the light blue and white of the online newspaper.

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The new app of QuiLivorno is completely renewed compared to the previous one, with new features both useful and pleasant, with a graphic design linked to the coordinated image, using the colors and logo of the online newspaper.

Now the user is able to use a simple and intuitive app, which devotes the right space to each element so that the usage is really easy.

News and sections are now better visible and more easily accessible.

We brought improvements, such as for the reporting functionality that can be made directly from the app, and customizations, such as the choice of notifications to receive based on the categories of most interest to the user.

The app is distributed with subscription via purchase mechanisms in the app. There are two kind of subscription, half-yearly and annual, and both are expected to be renewed automatically.

Qui Livorno - Nuova App


HOME – the articles of the Home Page are always in the foreground. Clicking on an article is possible to read it entirely and share it on the social.

EVENTS CALENDAR – allow the user to have a guide of the events in Livorno, always updated, with date, place, and article on the event in order to deepen.

SPORT – updated notifications on the result of the Livorno game. With every goal, scored by Livorno or the opposing team, you get a warning sound on your smartphone.

REPORTS – sends at any time to the editorial staff of QuiLivorno reports of problems in the city (ruined road cover, damaged signs, work in progress), with photos and geolocation. At any time you can see on the map the flags of all your reports.

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS – choose to receive real-time notifications of articles in the categories you are most interested in. You can also choose to receive the notifications sent by the editorial staff regarding the most important articles of the day.

RECIPE OF THE WEEK – every week the user will find a new recipe

WISHES TO – visualize all the “Wishes to…”