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Modigliani Livorno

The app that accompanies you in the places of Livorno that tell about Amedeo Modigliani.

The Modigliani Livorno app is an innovative and interactive digital tool, a guide on your smartphone that takes you on a journey of discovery of the places of Livorno that are significant to the life of Modigliani.
On the map are visible only a few places, to find out the others the user is invited to go on their search, walking around the city. Each uncovered place will tell something more about the artist.

But it didn’t end there. The app is also a game and the challenge is not only to reach all the places of Modigliani, but also to find hidden objects connected to the artist. Not only curiosity and insights but also an engaging and fun approach.

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Discover Modigliani’s city

In Livorno many places talk about Modigliani and the app Modigliani Livorno aims to make them discovered by the user, leading him/her to explore the city and discover, or rediscover, the history of the great artist of Livorno. The application has a dual intent: next to more informative content, Modigliani Livorno engages the user in a game, between clues and hidden objects to discover. An innovative digital tool that engages and makes culture fun. Easy to use and really suitable for everyone.


Learn more about Modigliani’s life and career
The section History will take you through the main stages of Modigliani’s life, between Livorno and Paris, between myth and reality, and his artistic career. You can check these information from anywhere, comfortably from your smartphone.

Explore the city and find Modigliani’s places
The Map helps you search for Modigliani’s places in Livorno. The map shows you only a few places, around them are hidden other places, follow the directions to reach them. Each point of interest gives you access to a text that tells which episode or important character in Modigliani’s story is connected to that specific place.

Solve the clues
When you’ve found all the hidden places, clues await you to find items that are hidden on some points in the city. Find them all and complete your knowledge of Modigliani.

Climb the leaderboard
Each discovered place and each hidden objects become points. Keep track of your progress and position in the Leaderboard of users who, like you, are exploring Livorno to learn more about Modigliani.