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Aste Giudiziarie

The App Astegiudiziarie.it, app is the first telematic and legal publicity service in term of time and number of public bidding. You may find tens of thousands of judicial auctions promoted to italian courts.

Locate your position and use maps to find immovable properties of your concern starting from the closest to you as well as filtering items by both price and/or category and list them.
Fast search on listed movable property with the possibility of refinement by means of price and category filters.
Advanced search including typology, court, county, city, price range, zipcode, address, auction date, procedure role filters.
Order announcements by price, sale date and date of publication.
Accessing the details of properties for sale and arrangements for participating to the auction.
Search, save and share official documentation of available sales.
Flip through pictures and floor plans of the properties for sale.
Activate the position system to guide you from your position through the immovable property of interest.
Save the single plots for sale e the history of your favorite searches.
Contact the legal guardian via e-mail or by phone.

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