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Europeana Beacon

Europeana Beacon is a prototype, winner of Hackaton by hyperborea & Europeana in 2014 which granted us access to the FutureEverything conference in Manchester on 26th-27th February 2015.

Europeana.eu is the EU digital platform for cultural heritage. More than 3,000 institutions across Europe have contributed to Europeana. Together, their assembled collections let users explore Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage from prehistory to the modern day.

Europeana Beacon combine the power of the Europeana Open Data with the latest cutting edge technology of iBeacons.
Users can walk around the city and have the phone alert them when something worthwhile is nearby, allowing people to discover new places in a new way. Users can read or listen comprensive guides about each landmark they discover, while watching pictures and videos. Engage other people in a scavenger hunt looking for the next clue, or follow the custom paths curators have tailored for them.
As a curator you can have all kind of statistics about how and often each landmark is visited.