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B On Time App

The app for the consultation of the local public transport of the Province of Livorno is renewed, completely revolutionized, fast, alway updated and with innovative services.

The app facilitates the enjoyment of local public transportation schedules in the province of Livorno (Livorno, Piombino, Cecina, Rosignano, Portoferraio, Elba, Capraia, Val di Cornia) carried out by CTT nord (ex ATL) and Tiemme (ex ATM) companies.

With B On Time is possible, in addition to consulting timetables and lines, looking for nearest shops or purchase the travel tickets, plan travels with the travel planner, receive real time information on the service, receive personalized information through the use of beacons at the stop or on the bus.

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SCHEDULE: ability to check timetables at individual stops as programmed

REAL TIME: you can receive directly in the App the information regarding next steps in real time to the single stop

LINES PLAN: you can view the list of lines and detail of every single line of public transportation.

TRAVEL PLANNER: ability to schedule the travels through the function of travel planner “from – to” already integrated.

STOPS: research and view of nearest stops.

TRANSPORT TICKETS: purchase your travel tickets for all the routes supported by the platform  via the sms system integrated

ALERTS: access to local public transport operators alerts.


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We started from an app that was not working well, it was old and had obvious usability problems. Here some images of the old app:



It had bad comments too:

commenti_vecchia_Appcommenti vecchia app

But then we arrived! We took the control of the situation, we understood the mechanism, the flows, and we reversed it completely, from the layout to the user experience, and this is the result to a week from the publication.


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