#365 an epic year by Efficacemente.com

#365 is an annual course reserved for Efficacemente’s readers. The course will accompany you, day after day, in achieving your most ambitious goals. 

Efficacemente is the first blog in Italy about personal growth. We realized the application for the course #365-an epic year, by Andrea Giuliodori.

The 2018 edition is the 3rd edition of #365, a course created by Andrea Giuliodori, engineer, ex manager and founder of efficacemente.com 

During last 2 years, Andrea has accompanied 2000 readers in achieving their goals, sharing with them every day those strategies of efficacy and personal growth that has deepened for 17 years.

Best motivato is like a shower. You need it daily. Jim Rohn

The course was born as an email list reserved for 1000 efficacemente’s readers.

Achieve your goals with the new #365 app

Often the apps of our smartphones are an unnecessary source of distraction: What better way to remind us of our dreams and our goals of a #365 app, installed on that weapon of mass distraction that we carry in our pockets? 

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