Modigliani Livorno. The app you can’t miss!


Modigliani Livorno is here!
The app that will take you to discover the Livorno of Amedeo Modigliani, a tour to get to know the artist and his hometown.
Free and available for iOS and Android, Modigliani Livorno awaits you on the stores!

Amedeo Modigliani was born in Livorno, but was always too little present in his city and often known more for the legend that concerns him than for his true history.  If you think of Modigliani you think of Paris and few know the importance of Livorno in his life. Here he was not only born, but there were central episodes in his life, there were characters essential for his future and here he develop his cultural and artistic path.

So we said: why not create an easy-to-use, innovative and engaging tool that allows everyone to know more about this artist and his history connected to Livorno? A gift for the city and a tribute to this great artist!


This is how Modigliani Livorno was born, the app that accompanies you to discover the places of Modigliani in Livorno. A tool that proposes an interactive and innovative approach to the cultural art world, in which the user feels at the center.

Because the app not only invites you to go to the places in Livorno that we have chosen as the most significant for the life of the artist and that we tell you through a text, but also invites you to have fun. In addition to the places, in fact, there are hidden objects that complete your search, but they will not be so easy to find: there are riddles to solve. Every place found and every hidden object discovered will make you accumulate points and climb the ranking of users who are exploring Livorno like you.
Not only curiosity and insights but also involvement and fun.

The development of this app has involved the whole Oimmei’s team. We are really proud of it and we wish you like as we do!

Discover the website of the app https://livorno.modigliani.app
The app is free, have fun!

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