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We make digital products take off

Oimmei Digital Consulting is a digital consultancy company that produces and enhances company projects. With twenty years of professional experience in the IT sector, we develop, design and create software, highly specialized and personalized digital products and services for the needs of innovative companies and entrepreneurs, with an open and future-oriented mind.
We specialize in Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Applications and Websites, Branding and Communication with a unique and innovative integrated strategy.

What we believe in

The power of technology

We are sure that a coherent and smart use of digital technology can sprout innovation and enhance everyone’s lives and we do so by inspiring our clients and helping them reach their business goals within a framework of values such as integrity, transparency and responsibility. This is why we make users protagonist of the services we create.

Simplicity is key

We strive to make complex things accessible to all. That is why simplicity is the concept guiding the creation of our products and services, the ultimate goal we want to reach. To us, simplifying means intervening on the form to make it direct and usable to all, without losing substance or value.

The group makes the difference

We believe that only with a tight-knit and cohesive group it is possible to reach excellent results and surpass expectations, gaining an important place in the world. Behind every innovation and creative solution we create, the collaboration and interaction of our team members have a prominent role.

Never forget your origins

We never forget who we are and where we come from, without losing our enthusiasm, our smile and the irony that characterizes us. We can’t lose the bold, impertinent essence that allowed us to be born and that makes us grow every day. Our history, our characteristics support and nourish our identity.

We follow every step of the projects.

Oimmei was born to create products and services with great added value when it comes to the instruments we use, the methodologies and attention to details and the experience of the end users of said products.
Our transversal skills allow us to manage complete and complex projects, configuring ourselves as the only reference for the customer, to whom we can guarantee a high level of customization and a strong consistency of the final product.
The solutions created are dedicated to a company activity or process, tailored on the basis of specific sectoral needs, expressly developed to be used with mobility – inside and out of the company – on devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearables. They can be made for the employees, but also for value chain actors like partners and suppliers, or created to keep in contact with the client. Belonging to the catalog of mobile enterprise apps are ERM, CRM, collaboration solutions, content management solutions, operations and manufacturing solutions, and solutions from other categories.
Oimmei also actively works and collaborates with startups with a high technological content, thanks to our interdisciplinary know-how and an omni-channel approach the company can guide this kind of client from the ideation to the implementation of the service or product, curating the entire communication aspect as well.
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