Digital 360°

Oimmei offers Software Development and UX/UI services for several industries. Working in a collaborative way with our clients, we create products and experiences with a very high level of accessibility.



Public and school’s transportations are very delicate subjects. Understanding user’s needs it’s a key when dealing with mobility services. Easy of use and simplified experiences are the pillars of our solutions.


Cultural Heritage is our passion thanks to the platform development first and then mutual collaboration with Muzeums a London based startup. For that we had to dive deep in the world of museums for finding the best UX solutions to showcase their content, and in doing so face all the peculiarities of that world.


Our team has a twenty or something year of experience in logistics and warehouse software solutions, so we can create innovative products to overcome common problems in this field and at the same time create a better value for the end user with attention to detail and user interaction.


Fintech it’s THE growing sector of the moment, and everyone’s talking about it. But when you handle such kind of data it’s better to have the right set of tools and the right team. Even a simple mistake in the user interface can make the whole difference between a good and a bad end result.


We’ve worked hand in hand with medical’s practices, physiotherapy clinics and high sensitives clinical datas. How to handle those valuable data is in our DNA. Imagine softwares that can handle big data while at the same time makes them easily accessible and searchable it’s our job.


What are the key points when developing solutions for the real estate market? The users need to quickly get the best possible result within the right context. We’ve been developing solutions in this sector for years now.


We love good food. But that’s not the main reading while we work in the Food & Beverage sector also. We’ve created, for example, a spin-off of our company whose purpose is to meet catering’s supply and demand. It’s been a landslide.


Manage, booking, geo localisation, real-time availability of advertising spaces are just few of the things you can do with our specific platforms used by our customers in the advertising sector. As well as planning and assessment of performances by their agents.


Tourism has been our first love and something that will ever define us. Our cornerstone that gave us the ability to become a company, thanks also to some achievements that let us compete in European level contests. Thanks to the introduction of beacons in out Apps we’ve created innovative solutions for the “tourist 3.0”.


The training sector always had a soft spot in our hearts, maybe because we’re eager to learn something new everyday and at the same time share that knowledge. That’s how a simple passion became something more by developing Apps for our customers, Italian leader in this field.


Our E-commerce solutions don’t use existing ready to use platforms, we create something tailor made based on our customer and the field of his work. Pre-defined solutions have the tendency of being very rigid, so in spite of a minor cost in installation they need a higher cost in maintaining, securing and adding custom features when the necessity present itself.