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Our Heritage

Honoring our roots. Shaping our future.

Our journey has taken us from a local to a regional to a global company, building on our culture of passion, innovation and collaboration and always seeking the best way to work, serve and connect.

Oimmei was born in Livorno from an idea of its 4 founding members and long-time IT professionals: Luca Finocchiaro, Simone Figlié, Andrea Fastame ed Ephraim Pepe. It was born out of friendship and a mutual appreciation that begun in school and university, the essential ingredient for the creation of such a strong and cohesive team. It is born from 4 professionals with different backgrounds who, after the long economic crisis of 2008, started talking about their dissatisfaction with the present and the potential of the future.

In the winter of 2014, they rented a 2 by 3 meter room in the suburbs. A small, big change.

That year was decisive for the creation of the company. In fact, with the “Europeana Beacon” project they won the Hackaton organized by the Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio together with Europeana, a foundation that promotes collaboration between museums, archives, audiovisual collections and libraries throughout Europe.

Thanks to this victory they had the opportunity to attend the Future Everything Festival, an event that hosts debates and conferences on the future of digital which is held every year in Manchester, where the Europeana Beacon project had the opportunity to showcase itself. All of that contributed to highlighting the potential of the group, both online and on the main local media; from this came the first contact with important local organizations and also with international players.

These successes at a national and European level were an important recognition of their work and gave the right push to take the definitive step: Oimmei, in addition to being a brand, became a real company, officially established in February 2015. A date that marked a significant milestone for all our team members but that, at the same time, was the starting point for a new professional experience.

And now it is necessary to answer a question that everyone asks: why “Oimmei”? This is a typical interjection from Livorno which expresses a particular emotional state of mind – impatience, effort, complaint – in an extremely concise way. A name that evidently does not follow the naming rules of standard communication. But it was a name of redemption, of rupture and intolerance towards a certain way of understanding digital and developing software, and in some ways it is a labronic version of Yahoo!

From that moment on every day has been a challenge: we were born as a creative study, we were acknowledged as a Startup and were incubated until 2019 by the Polo Tecnologico, of which, once finished our acceleration program, we became partners.
From a Startup, we consolidated ourselves as a small digital boutique until we became a company capable of offering services of consultancy, development and support to the growth of a company for the most vital digital aspects.

From that moment on, every day was a challenge: born as a creative studio, then a Startup, incubated until 2019 by the Polo Tecnologico of which, once they left the acceleration path, they became partners.

From an Innovative Startup, Oimmei consolidated itself as a small digital boutique until it became a company capable of offering consultancy, development and support services for business growth on the most vital aspects of digital.

There was a lot of work and just as much satisfaction and success. Among these it is pleasant to remember the victory at the provincial and then regional selections of the CNA Cambiamenti Award which led to the presentation of one of Oimmei’s collateral projects on a national stage, where with 19 other Italian startups, chosen from among 859 participating companies, it was demonstrated the innovativeness of the solutions implemented by the company.

In 2023 Oimmei Digital Consulting Srl was born from an offshoot of Oimmei, a solid reality that positions itself as an important player on the national and international scene, a growing industrial reality with great aspirations and great potential.

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