Being online is now days a necessity, but to be there properly it is necessary to plan a digital 360 degrees strategy that, thanks to a complex of tactics, actions and instruments, is effective and targeted. 

We can not ignore the use of social in a world where their use is constantly increasing and each of us has at least one social profile. But it is also necessary to be able to use their potential in the best way, creating valuable and creative content that meets the objectives of the company and the target

We are involved in devising, designing and implementing digital strategies, starting from an essential initial phase: to analyze the company and its competitors in order to have a clear view of the panorama in which we are moving. Then we will need to establish the objectives on which to work and define the target audience. On this basis we will develop a strategy that involves the profiled audience, programming a calendar of content and devising creative campaigns targeted to the goal.
For this reason, the best tools to make the digital strategy operational are Social Media marketing, Inbound marketing and Content marketing.


SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGSocial media plays an essential role in the interactions between companies and customers. With tailor-made processes on your company, we’ll help you generate engagement and sharing, increase the visibility and notoriety of your brand, generate quality traffic on your site and finalize a conversion, in terms of leads or sales.

An essential phase is the analysis of the company and its competitor, know the objectives, the target and the available budget. Then it is possible to make the editorial plan, relying on all these data it will be possible to organize, schedule and monitory the strategy.

We take care to develop and maintain lasting relationships with your audience, creating ad hoc content on the most appropriate platforms for you. An editorial plan, based on your features and objectives, will allow us to organize, program and monitor your strategy. 

Social advertisements allow you to strengthen your marketing goals quickly, effectively and directly. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer the possibility to profile in a very specific way the target audience and convey the insertions only to the users desired.

Linkedin offers the ability to create advertisements with a high level of specificity in profiling the target, as well as other social. Its advantage, however, is to be a professional social network that allows you to get in touch more directly with professionals and possible customers.


Once the objectives have been established and the target is profiled, the editorial plan will be useful to create a calendar of publications linked to the presence and activity of users, to make content with ad hoc topics for their interests, and to choose which platforms and what content to use according to their preferences.

To optimize the ability of engagement and social sharing is necessary to communicate the right content. Personalized content, qualitatively and especially targeted to objectives and audience. Post valuable content inspires in the user trust and loyalty to the brand more than anything else.

To realize a strategy it is necessary to know the objectives to be achieved, the distinctive aspects of the brand or the product and the target of reference. We will help you to define the most appropriate channels, style, concept and format of the best content to meet your goals. 

Once the objectives and the target audience have been established, we create creative content tailored to the needs of the customer and suitable for the existing and potential audiences. We produce graphics, graphics for social, illustrations and infographics, copy for websites and social, texts for blogs, articles and newsletters. 

We are an innovative start-up and we know what it means to start to introduce your idea and grow your company. This is why we offer you a social media marketing strategy that can make your idea, service or message known and can put you in contact with many potential customers quickly and effectively. 

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