Climb the ranking of Modigliani Livorno


Modigliani Livorno is a challenge: discovered places and found objects generate points. Check your progress and your position in the world ranking of users like you who are exploring the city and become the best Modì Explorer!

As we explained in the previous article (click here if you missed it!) the app is a game and tests you in searching for secret places in Livorno, solving clues and finding hidden objects

All this generates points that will allow you to climb the leaderboard with all the users who like you are exploring the city and trying to be the best Modi Explorer.

In scoring, it affects how many places and objects you have found, but even when it took you to do so: if someone was faster than you to solve the clue and find the hidden object, it will have scored more points than you!

In the Progress section, you’ll be able to control at what point of your exploration you are, how many places you still have to discover. You’ll also be able to see your score and ranking, discovering the score of your challengers.

Are you ready to be the number one?!?!

Discover the website of the app https://livorno.modigliani.app
The app is free, have fun!

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