Teseo, the app for CTT Nord, CAP and COPIT for the Tuscany info-mobility

  • Teseo, the app for CTT Nord, CAP and COPIT for the Tuscany info-mobility
  • Teseo, the app for CTT Nord, CAP and COPIT for the Tuscany info-mobility
  • Teseo, the app for CTT Nord, CAP and COPIT for the Tuscany info-mobility
  • Teseo, the app for CTT Nord, CAP and COPIT for the Tuscany info-mobility
  • Teseo, the app for CTT Nord, CAP and COPIT for the Tuscany info-mobility
  • Teseo, the app for CTT Nord, CAP and COPIT for the Tuscany info-mobility

Teseo, the app for CTT Nord, CAP and COPIT for the Tuscany info-mobility

Teseo is the new app of CTT Nord, CAP and COPIT, created by Oimmei.

With the support of SWARCO and TTE we have realized the application that will support the Tuscany info-mobility: with Teseo, indeed, you can have information regarding lines and bus schedules of all the North West Tuscany. The capital cities are: Livorno, Pisa, Massa Carrara, Lucca, Pistoia, Prato and Empoli.

Teseo, Free to move

A lot of information always available on your smartphone.

We chose this name to remind Teseo, a character of the Greek mythology, who managed to overcome the labyrinth of Dedalo with the help of Arianna’s thread.

An ancient name for an instrument that looks to the future, in order to improve the info-mobility and the quality of the instruments aimed at public transportation users.

The one presented today is only the first step of the path of realization and development of Theseus, which provides a punctual and careful control over the information to be included in the APP by the companies, through a dashboard of direct and immediate monitoring.

Soon the new updates of Teseo will be published in order to make the app more and more complete and full of functionality, 

Soon the new updates of Theseus will be published in order to make the APP more and more complete and full of functionality, up to the possibility to present to the users the information in real time, with the indication of the waiting for all the stops of the lines of the territories concerned. 


It will be possible to view the transit services near your area of interest (your position, a museum, a school, etc.), purchase travel tickets, plan your travels with the travel planner, check the alerts on a line or a service.

The app shows services and other information available (for example stops, shops and stores) around a specific point which is blue to identify your position and red for any other point.

You can explore the map both with classic scrolling or by using the search field to move farther away.

The app is available both for Android and IOS and you can download it by these links:


B On Time - App iOSTeseo App


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App B On Time Livorno

  • App B On Time Livorno
  • App B On Time Livorno
  • App B On Time Livorno

We have revolutionized the public transport app for the Province of Livorno.

We really hope that you enjoy it and that it can be useful for your daily travels. We are already thinking about improvements and new developments to make it even more exceptional! Obviously your feedback is welcome…and also your positive reviews on the stores 😛

The first public exit will be tomorrow, April 13, at the city of San Vincenzo, at 12 o’clock. The event will be opened by Alessandro Bandini, Mayor of San Vincenzo.

You are all invited!

Be On Time is the app for the consultation of the local public transport  schedules of the Province of Livorno (Livorno, Piombino, Cecina, Rosignano, Portoferraio, Elba, Capraia, Val di Cornia) carried out by CTT nord (ex ATL) and Tiemme (ex ATM) companies.

With B On Time is possible, in addition to consulting timetables and lines, looking for nearest shops or purchase the travel tickets, plan travels with the travel planner, receive real time information on the service, receive personalized information through the use of beacons at the stop or on the bus.


  • SCHEDULE: ability to check timetables at individual stops as programmed
  • REAL TIME: you can receive directly in the App the information regarding next steps in real time to the single stop
  • LINES PLAN: you can view the list of lines and detail of every single line of public transportation.
  • TRAVEL PLANNER: ability to schedule the travels through the function of travel planner “from – to” already integrated.
  • STOPS: research and view of nearest stops.
  • TRANSPORT TICKETS: purchase your travel tickets for all the routes supported by the platform  via the sms system integrated
  • ALERTS: access to local public transport operators alerts.


Download it now by this link:


bontime schermate

School Bus App | The App that changes the school transport

  • School Bus App | The App that changes the school transport
  • School Bus App | The App that changes the school transport
  • School Bus App | The App that changes the school transport
  • School Bus App | The App that changes the school transport
  • School Bus App | The App that changes the school transport
  • School Bus App | The App that changes the school transport

The goal of School bus App is to ensure the safety of your children. The application offers the possibility to monitoring the child during the travel from home to school. In addition, the long waits at the stop will no longer be a problem: our app can show you the delay of the school buses and also send you a promptly notify for abnormal events, such as the ascent or descent to a wrong stop. All comfortably on your smartphone.

Functionality Parent’s App

  • Monitoring of children’s ascent and descent through the Parent’s App
  • Reliability and safety through keychain with low energy bluetooth sensor (BLE) beacons.
  • View of the scheduled bus timetables and any delay or advance and anomalies.
  • Real time display of the school bus path.
  • Account protected by credentials provided by the local manager.

Handler functionality 

  • Vehicles, Drivers, Devices data for the races.
  • Services Statistics Consultation: Km service on line, frequentation.
  • Manage of children, school, stops ascent and descent data
  • Notifications: alerts parent promptly in case of change of the service or special events.
  • The system can also be managed independently.

Sustainable Mobility

School Bus app is meant to facilitate the parents in bringing their children to school

The experience of traveling as a group allows children also to rediscover the value of sociality. In addition, the cities involved will be able to add a new tool for the sustainable mobility, while the parents will have an instrument to follow their children during the travel from and to school.

Easy to use

The School Bus app is easy and intuitive to use. Stay up to date on schedules, delays, and check the school bus path in real time.

download ios app


TouristAngel app ios

We published Tourist Angel! The idea Massimiliano and Andrea brought us is now reality! The fist iPhone App for social tourism. For now it will be available just in Italy, but we planning on a launch on the foreign markets in the very next future.

But what actually is “social tourism”?

It’s a new opportunity of getting even more deeply acquainted the very goals of our travels, helped by the locals of the cities we are visiting. They can help you find events, go shopping, know cultural places and much more! Every single experience the Angels of Tourism offer might require a cost though, for eventually covering transportation tickets, gasoline, entrance tickets for museums or shows or who knows what… anyways, the amount payed for the tour will be limited to the actual amount of the expenses effectively faced by the Angel during the experience.

The main goals are the sharing of the costs of a tour, without creating any profit, and making visitors know your city, promoting economy through social and cultural inter-exchange.

So, the App does not want to take the place of the official tour guides, insted, if it will be as successfull as hoped, Tourist Angel will provide the functionality to have Official Tourist Guide (with official licence) subscribed, and will offer real “official” tours and itineraries.

The idea was presented us last year by Massimiliano and Andrea, we did like it immediately, since it completely matches our personal idea of revolutioning the way of Tourism, which we were already working on with Europeana Beacon. We are waiting the start of the crowdfunding project we enrolled in Goteo. We did develop this App which will actually be the first of a Tourism/Culture/Show-centered series.

For further information http://www.touristangelapp.com