Future Everything 2015, the diary

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We came back from the Future Everything in Manchester where we had the pleasure to meet so many extraordinary people. We couldn’t manage to win the first prize, but getting to know Enric Senabre Hidalgo (CEO di Goteo), who decided to choose our project as a crowdfunding case study for the workshop, it’s been great! All started Thursday morning, when we first met our “enemies” like Lars the dutch giant, who undoubtly has been the most easy going with a lot of passion for talking! Then, as soon as we arrived in a great co working space (SpaceportX) we took a micro workshop about how to successfuly start a crowdfunding campaign, during which we worked closely with Milena Popova from Europeana and after about 40 minutes of brain storming we presented our project for the first time in front of an international audience.

That afternoon, as soon as we arrived at the Town Hall, we’ve met Enric: he was already familiar with our project, we started to describe it in detail and then he decided to use the Europeana Beacon as an example for starting a crowdfunding campaign! It’s been quite a brain storming and many of the partecipants fall in love with the project. The day ended with new friendship, new ideas and a new vision for it!

“Good Morning. We’re the guys from yesterday…” this has been our motto during the pitch brainstorming: no one had the slightest idea on how to make a pitch! In the end it has been very easy even if the tension was high but also the adrenaline that came at the very end before starting! After that a couple of hours of boring waiting: “Some journalists would want to interview you guys, they’ll be here shortly!”, “Five more minutes and they’ll be here!”, “Hi Guys, I’m from the press office, we’re almost ready for you.”, “Sorry Guys, the journalists had to go!” luckily we had the time to explore the event and had a chat with the other partecipants. Then it came the moment to meet the jury, a scheduled 20 minutes interview, that in the end lasted 35 minutes! Freedom at last!!!

15 minutes of Hotel relax, then a nice walk towards the Royal Northern College of Music where the Awards Ceremony would took place. Just the time for a crafted beer at the Thiristy Scholar and then we jumped into the party! During the ceremony we were all excited, maybe we started to belive we could win, anyhow after had watched the pitches we knew from the start that the competition would be high: we particulary liked the french project of Plume Labs regarding the air quality in big cities, Allryder to plan the best course using public transportation and the project Bileit who aims to solve the last minute ticket purchase problem for events, maybe because one of us is also an artistic director for a local troupe. When finally they announced the winner, GoOV the project presented by Lars, we’ve been very happy! His project aimed to help people with mental disabilities or dementia to travel safely with public transport, we need to be honest initially it left us perplexed (jokingly we thought “a smartphone in the hand of a mental disable people could last like a cat on a freeway”), but after had talk to Lars who explained to us in the detail how it works and what it aims to accomplish we fell in love with it, mostly becuase of it’s social importance, for the extraordinary results they have already achived (84% of the test subjects switched completly to public transport instead of taxi), but most of all for the passion and love Lars had put in this project!

We came back home at last, with a great experience, new friendships like Lars, the girls that worked with us during the crowdfunding workshop: Hellen, Geraldine and Ina, that had won one of the awards for Europeana Creative, then Enric and Anne Marie from Goteo, and last but not least Milena and James from Europeana, who believe a lot in our project.
Back in Livorno we completed to moving to our new offices and since today we’re back in business with new and freash energies!

Europeana Beacon App

europeana beacon app ios smart tourism

Here we go! This is the new prototype for the Future Everything Festival in Manchester, thanks to Europeana and Apps4Europe for this opportunity.

Some words about the App:

Europeana Beacon combine the power of the Europeana Open Data with the latest cutting edge technology of iBeacons.
Users can walk around the city and have the phone alert them when something worthwhile is nearby, allowing people to discover new places in a new way. Users can read or listen comprensive guides about each landmark they discover, while watching pictures and videos. Engage other people in a scavenger hunt looking for the next clue, or follow the custom paths curators have tailored for them.
As a curator you can have all kind of statistics about how and often each landmark is visited.”

Link to the website

bSmart. An iBeacon based project


“bSmart” is a project which brings enhancement to territorial value through the use of iBeacon ® technology.

We are firmly convinced that the correct use of this very latest technology, tourists and, why not, local citizens, can be lead to a new front of envolvment and interest towards historical and natural beauties which each territory can really offer.
We do propose a new way of interacting with the surrounding environment, bringing the living of an experience up to its maximum. At the same time, people will be pleased with the easy discovering of the treasure scattered around them, and will be encouraged to visit them directly.

These are the components:




Make Landmarks and Points Of Onterest (POI) interactive and multimedia driven
The Tourist can be alerted when walking by a landmark. Automatically can receive detailed informations. All media files, images, videos can immediately be available, and Audio guides can be purchased right on his device. Nearby points of interest or commodities (restaurants or transportation, for example) can be pointed out on the landmark’s sheet.

Discover “hidden” historical POIs
The Tourist, or, why not, the local citizen, will be alerted and make aware of the fact that there’s someting worth his interest right where he is walking. The most hidden or lower known landmarks can be brought up right to people attention

Transform the tourist visit in a “social” experience
“Selfie” and #hashtags nowadays are a big gig. When close to the Beacons, the Tourist can take his/her selfie close to the and automatically share it on the network, helping increment of City’s visibility on the Net, and so encouraging new visitors

Get to know how many POIs you have visited
Thanks to Beacon technology it will be possible to be real-time aware of the visits you have made and the monuments you have actually visited. The Tourist might even be invited to play a Treasure Hunt, and win if all the Landmarks suggested by the App will be actually visited!

Play and learn with Beacons
Playing can be a real indicator of the offered experience’s quality. Thanks to gaming, quizes, scanvenger hunts and many more, can be a great way of attract even kid’s attention to Art and Culture, all in a really enjoyable manner.

Monitor the most visited Monuments
Administrators can always have their eyes on data, in real time. This can help City Administration personnel in giving value to the City Cultural assets.




Individuate the best wine and food itineraries
Choose between pre-existent or customize the routes through the wine and food companies on the Territory. the Visitor can decide if he wants to follow some famous itinerary on the Area (like the famous Italian Strade Del Vino, “the ways of the Wine”), or plan his own, according to personal taste

Choose the transportation for my tour
Car, bike, bicycle or walk? The tours will contain informations on the best way to follow them, indications on the suggested waypoints, night and food accommodations which agreed on the tour itself.

Company detailed sheets
Companies and product catalogues will always be in the hand of the User / Visitor. Even at Home. When visiting the Company, extra content will be delivered, thanks to the Beacons!

Products that talk about themselves
The Visitor will have the Product detailed Sheet just by walking close to it. He/she will be able to mark it and put it in the preferred list. Each product can be commented and evaluated! People priceless feedback will be right in the hands of the Company, which will be able to decide if publish them or not.

Purchase directly from the Company
During a visit to a Company, it will be possible for a Visitor to put products in the purchase list (like a cart). This will be perfectly doable even when the Visitory goes back home, right from the App.




Works of art become interactive
The Visitor will be provided with content relative to the piece of art he is observing, right on his/her device (smartphone or tablet). All the content will be available and usable immediately, with no need of getting close to the wall after waiting in line in order to read the plate. The device will be able to deliver text, videos, images and audio. The discovered contents will stay available and usable in the App, even when the Visitor left the Museum.

Audioguides reinvented
The Museum administrators will be able to create new audio-guided tours in any moment, from the backend administration panel. During the tour, the Beacons will trigger the App to start audioguides automatically right in the users’ headphones.

Keep track of the works you haven’t visited
The Visitor will have the overview of their visit available at any moment, knowing if the whole area has been visited or not. And he/she will be able to know what to be visited yet.

Play with the works of art
Personalized games, including the exposed works as subjects, will help making the best out of the visit. An innovative way of approaching and having fun with art and culture, even for kids!

Instruments for the curator
The App keeps track of the pieces effectively visited, the permanence time in front of each one, the order in wich the visitor see the works and so on. This way, the administrator or the curator have a complete innovative instrument in their hands to evaluate and make their expositions always and always better. All based on visitor’s behaviour.