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The digitalization of the Oltremare sports village

A 360° digitization program for the development of the Oltremare project, Livorno’s sports village

Oltremare Sports Village

Oltremare Sports Village

The sports center in the city of Livorno

Oltremare is a sports village where everyone can practice different sports, making use of the new facilities, equipment and excellent mentors. A place where sports are the glue and engine of a project that aims to involve, excite and offer everyone the chance to grow through sports and cultivate their talents.
The Oltremare sports village is also a place for gatherings, a reference point not only for the community of the neighbourhood but for the entire city of Livorno. Other than sports, in fact, there are multiple services and activities that invite the public to live daily throught the facilities of the village, appealing to a wide range of people of any interest, needs and age.
Oltremare is embedded into the history of the city, recapturing and valorising the livornese legacy of the Silicati – Montecatini, an industrial complex which from 1935 to 1965 was the leading manufacturer of the oltremare (“beyond sea”) pigment – from which comes the name of the project – which was exported around the world. The village emerged from the ashes of this former industrial complex to recover the facilities and valorise them by turning them into a new sports destination, and to host services and activities that make up the offer of the project.

Project partners

We have been chosen as digital partners of the Oltremare project to take care of its digitalization and to manage anything involving its technological side, in a long-term partnership that will allow us to develop the technological tools and digital presence as the project progresses.
As a first step we created a web portal, which has the purpose of informing the users about the project, the sports classes and the activities taking place; the website is supported, backend, by a database which will accompany and support the activities of the Oltremare sports village. From this section our clients will easily be able to manage – thanks to a user-friendly interface – the users signing up for the sports village, the sponsorship agreements, but also the classes and activities, both sports related and not, that take place in the village.
Other than this, we also worked on creating a brand identity for Oltremare, taking care of both the strategy and the practical side of it, starting from the analysis stage up to the creative ideation of the entire coordinated image of the project, applicable to more than one channel, both online and offline.
Find out more about the project throught the Oltremare website and keep up with the latest news by following the Instagram page and Facebook page of the sports village.
Digitalization Oltremare Sports Village Livorno


  • Creating a brand identity (logo, brand book and coordinated image)
  • Developing a cross-media communication plan (configuration of social media and editorial plans, signage and offline material, website)
  • Creation of the infrastructure for the management of the facilities and services (database)
Digitalization Oltremare Sports Village Livorno

From the idea to the development of the brand identity

When the founders of Oltremare came to talk to us about the project, they only had an idea. Therefore we took care of guiding them through the path that leads from the idea to the creation of a brand identity that is unique and recognizeable, in order to birth a coordinated image that would convey the essence, values and message of the project in a coherent way.
Initially we lead an in-depth analysis which allowed us to highlight the distinctive elements and the strenghts of Oltremare, its values and the target audience, but also the goals to reach, the main themes to convey and the most suitable distribution channels. A fundamental step that allowed us to turn the initial idea into something concrete and strategically applicable. We started by revising the already existing logo, before focusing on the creation of a color palette and a system of icons, to which followed the drafting and delivery of a brand manual to the client, which contains the guidelines relative to the brand identity.
Once the brand identity had been structured, we started defining the graphic side of it, keeping in mind the channels and settings that Oltremare wanted to involve: on the offline front, we created an extensive brochure, curated in every detail – from the graphics, to the layout, to the contents – to support the commercial work, but we also created flyers, totems and banners for the project’s press conference; on the online channels, fundamental to support the digitalization of the project, we took care of giving the website a coordinated graphic suit based on the brand identity guidelines, working on the color palette, the system of icons and the typography; regarding social media, we developed a cross-media communication plan, taking care of configuring the social media pages, defining the editorial plans, developing the communication formats, and curating the entire graphics department.
Digitalizzazione Villaggio Sportivo Oltremare Livorno 3 - Oimmei

The portal and the database

We handled the development of the Oltremare sports village website, a fundamental tool for the digitalization of the project, which makes it possible to reach potential clients, showcasing the classes and activities offered, as well as the events and initiatives that will take place in their facilities, but also to capture the attention of sports associations and potential sponsors or partners who believe in the project and want to actively be a part of it.

Because of the varied needs this website represents, it is supported by a management software, which is integrated into the portal, from which it is possible to manage the contents of the website (for example, writing the news on the blog), manage the registry of the associates of the sports center, as well as coordinate the information about the classes, facilities, services and activities of the village and check the administrative side of the agreements with sponsors, partners or associations.
A structure that represents the client’s many management needs without making the operations too complex. The interface of the management software is in fact intuitive and easy to use, providing numerous functionalities to fully handle management duties without losing any detail.

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