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Solving Access Control for Web3 Builders

Odsy aims to provide a secure, programmable and decentralized access layer for all of Web3 through dynamic, decentralized wallets (dWallets). A dWallet is a signature mechanism coupled to a public key and bound by dynamic access control, operating within a decentralized state machine. dWallets can sign transactions on any blockchain network that uses universally adopted signature algorithms. dWallets are linked to “Wallet Contracts”, dedicated smart contracts that allow the management of access control and privileges of dWallets.

For Odsy we have been working on two very distinct projects, a branding project and one for the analysis and design of a tool based on the Odsy blockchain.

The blockchain-based project is a work in progress and it is not possible to reveal anything else yet, but we can talk briefly about the brand identity project.

The development of a brand identity project is a fundamental process for creating a distinctive and recognizable brand. This path follows several strategic phases that contribute to defining the brand’s identity in a coherent and meaningful way.

The first phase is research and analysis. In this phase, the brand development team gathers information about the company’s history, values, mission and vision. Competitors and the reference market are analyzed to identify opportunities and unique strengths of the brand.

After the research phase, the logo and brand image design process follows. This phase involves expert graphic designers who create different logo proposals, taking into account the brand values and attributes identified previously. The logo must be distinctive, versatile and represent the essence of the brand.

Next, we move on to defining the colours, fonts and graphic elements that will characterize the brand. This phase is crucial to ensure consistency and visual recognition across all brand communications.

The next phase is creating brand guidelines. This detailed document provides instructions on how to correctly use the logo, colors, fonts and graphic elements in different situations and media.

Finally, once the new brand identity has been implemented, it is essential to monitor its effectiveness over time and make adjustments if needed. The brand must adapt to changing market needs and remain relevant to the target audience.

Odsy - brand identity-blockchain

The website and the Litepaper

For Odsy we also created the institutional website and the presentation Litepaper, used to support the investment collection campaign.

A Litepaper is a summary document that clearly and concisely explains the main aspects of a cryptocurrency or blockchain project. Unlike the Whitepaper, the Litepaper is shorter and more accessible, providing a general idea of the project’s features and objectives. Typically, it contains essential information such as a description of the problem the project aims to solve, the technology used, the team behind the initiative, and a summary of key features. The Litepaper is useful for providing a preview of the project without requiring an in-depth analysis of the full Whitepaper.

Odsy - brand identity-blockchain

Social, Podcasts & co.

Finally we created a whole series of graphic resources to complete the project, including graphics for social networks, podcasts and other digital media.

Odsy - brand identity-blockchain

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